ECF AGM October 2018 – decisions

The ECF Council met on Saturday 13th October 2018 at the Ibis Hotel, Ladywell Walk, Birmingham. A full agenda and all associated paperwork can be found here. The meeting commenced at 1.30pm, and was closed at 6.10pm.

The following is a list of key outcomes/ decisions (please note that items are numbered in line with the order they were considered on the day, which varies slightly from the order of business in the published agenda).

Item 4 – Notices / Appointment of Tellers
David Gilbert and Paul Sharratt were appointed as tellers.

Item 5 – Approval/ Correction of the Minutes of the Finance Meeting
The Finance Meeting minutes were approved subject to three minor amendments.

Item 7 – Receipt and Approval of Reports
Council Reports were received and all were accepted by show of hands including: Board of Directors’ Report,  Chairman of the Governance Committee’s report, and Chairman of the Finance Committee’s Report.

Item 8 – Awards
Council noted that Stephen Greep of Hull CA was to be given a President’s Award for his work at the British Championships.

Item 9 – Special motion to change Articles
The amendments to the Articles of Association to clarify the scope of Requisitonists and to bring forward the deadline for submission of proxies were both agreed by show of hands.

Item 10 – Strategy
The ECF Strategy Statement (Draft Strategy and Business Plan) was debated and accepted by show of hands.

Item 11 – Elections
All incumbent officers standing for their existing posts were re-elected by way of voting papers including —
President (Dominic Lawson); Chief Executive (Mike Truran); Director of Women’s Chess (Chris Fegan); Chairman of Council (Mike Gunn); FIDE Representative (Malcolm Pein); Chairman of the Governance Committee (Robert Stern); and member of the Finance Committee (Ian Reynolds).

Alex Holowczak was elected as Director of Junior Chess, replacing Traci Whitfield who is standing down from this post. Adrian Elwin was elected as Director of Home Chess in a contested election between Adrian and Tim Wall.  Adrian will replace Alex who is standing down as Director of Home Chess.

It was agreed to retain Goatcher Chandler as the ECF’s Auditors.

The votes cast in the voting papers were as follows —

Post For Against
President (Dominic Lawson) 277 2 (NTC)
Chief Executive (Mike Truran) 286 0 (NTC)
Director of Junior Chess (Alex Holowczak) 281 6 (NTC)
Director of Womens Chess (Chris Fegan) 279 1 (NTC)
Director of Home Chess    
Adrian Elwin 146  
Tim Wall 134  
None of the Above 5  
Chairman of Council (Mike Gunn) 272 5 (NTC)
FIDE Representative (Malcolm Pein) 240 7 (NTC)
Chairman of Governance Committee (Robert Stern) 276 1 (NTC)
Member of the Finance Committee (Ian Reynolds) 261 1 (NTC)
Goatcher Chandler Auditors 267 1 (NTC)

Item 12 – To approve the dates of the Finance Council and AGM
The dates of 27 April 2019 and 12 October 2019 were duly noted and approved for these meetings.

Item 13 – Finance (David Eustace) 
David Eustace reported on the structure and operations of the Chess Trust and asked Council to approve the appointment of Stephen Greep as a Trustee of the Chess Trust representing the ECF.  The appointment of Stephen Greep was duly agreed by Council.

Item 14 Budget and Membership Fees (David Eustace)
David Eustace proposed the following motion on behalf of the board in relation to the ECF budget, membership fees and trust fund payments: 

That Council approves —

  • Revisions to the ECF budget to include the items from the Challenges for the ECF paper with an additional £26.5k of expenditure added to the current expenditure from 2018/19.
  • Changes to membership fees as follows —
Membership Level 2019/20 2020/21
Platinum £75 £80
Gold £39 £41
Silver £27 £30
Bronze £18 £20
Junior £6 £6

(iii) A Request to the Chess Trust/PIF to fund the revised budget by £18.5k per annum.

During discussion on the motion an amendment was moved to remove item (ii) from the motion and this was lost on a card vote with 123 votes for the amendment and 165 votes against.

The motion as originally proposed was therefore debated and was passed in full by show of hands and card vote, with the results of the card vote being 160 votes in favour, 103 against and 1 abstention.

It was noted that as discussed earlier in the meeting, the membership fee increases would also need approval at the Finance Council meeting in April.

Item 15 – Yearbook
The board had decided to replace the old-style yearbook with a combination of an online resource and a new slimmer full-colour yearbook. This decision was noted by Council by show of hands.

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