ECF Awards 2015

Ray, Julian and Keith are the trustees of the Permanent Invested Fund. They have done sterling work in this field over the years.
Ray has previously been International Director of the BCF. He was also an important figure in the development of the British Chess Magazine when the BCF bought the company. This enabled the federation to keep the magazine alive and to generate enough income to pay off the loan. Eventually it was sold at a profit.
Julian is best known as the first-ever English ombudsman (in insurance). He is the husband of law lord Baroness Hale. I (SR) first met him at about the age of 12 year old when playing for my school. He is about four years older. Both Ray and Julian are members of the Book of the Year Committee and have been reviewing books for this purpose for many years.
Both are quite strong chessplayers, indeed playing for England in the same team in the European 60+ Team Championship in Vienna 11-20 July 2015. Keith was to have been a member of the same team, but his wife’s ill-health forced him to withdraw.
Keith is a correspondence chess grandmaster.

David Sedgwick started out as a player. He became interested in playing internationally and then branched out into be an arbiter. He is an ECF Senior Arbiter and an International Arbiter, our only Category A one who is currently active. When they started official FIDE lecturers for the FIDE Arbiter title, he and I were the only two from the same federation.
He is the ECF manager of Arbiters (International). He has been BCF International Director and our representative on the Sport & Recreation Alliance. He is currently a member of the Hastings International Congress Committee and the Friends of Chess Committee.

Carl Portman is the ECF Manager of Prison Chess. Until he was appointed in 2014 there was little activity in this field. Chess clubs have now been established in three prisons. He has established a column in ‘Inside Time’ a national prison magazine. He has contacted all the governors in England. He is an ECF accredited coach. He is also a chess journalist writing for the Combined Services Chess Association. He also has a regular column, ‘Never Mind the Grandmasters…’ in Chess Magazine.

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