ECF Awards 2016

Honorary Life Vice President: David Welch, Peter Purland, Richard Haddrell
Honorary Life Member: Brian Callaghan OBE, James Humphreys

ECF Player of the Year – Anum Sheikh [already announced]

ECF President’s Award for Services to Chess – R Victor Cross
His contribution to the development of junior chess has been immense. This is particularly true in the Devon area and the English Primary Schools Association. He has been one of the accompanying adults for junior trips abroad for many years. He was also a stalwart of the control team at the British Championships for some time .

ECF President’s Award for Services to Chess – Paul Durrant
He is Chairman of Surbiton Chess Club which is very active. He is often referred to as ‘Mr Surbiton’. He is also a member of The Thames Valley League Committee.

ECF Congress of the Year – St Albans
This weekend congress attracts about 220 players each year. The venue is pleasant and in a good location. It is very friendly and has an excellent bookstall and analysis room

ECF Club of the Year (16 members or more) – Hackney
There are about 60 members from this London-based borough. It welcomes both children and women. They play in eight teams in the London and Middlesex Leagues, the 4NCL and National Club Championships, as well as county games for Essex. Weekly free coaching sessions are provided for juniors. They hold Saturday night blitz sessions at a local pub. They are proud of their relationship with the local Kurdish and Turkish communities. Membership is free for the unwaged.

ECF Small Club of the Year (less than 16 members) – Ulverston in Cumbria
The Leave ’em Laughing club has 12 members, 9 of whom are ECF members. They run a team in the Cumbrian Open League and two teams in the Cumbrian Southern League. The club is, of course, named after Stan Laurel and plays in the eponymous pub.

ECF Website of the Year – South Hams of Devon
This has a great deal of accessible information on it. Particularly pleasing is the facilities for members to enter their games on the site –

It has been decided to discontinue the award of Magazine and Bulletin of the Year as this year there were so few submissions. This is due to growth of the use of the internet.

— Stewart Reuben (Chairman)

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