ECF Awards 2017 / Player of the Year

When I took over from Stewart Reuben as chairman of the ECF Awards Committee, I expected all the awards to be decided on in the same way as last year.  However, some members of the ECF Board thought we should look again at how the ‘Player of the Year’ Award was to be made.  Following discussion with Mike Truran, Alex Holowczak and the other Awards Committee members, we decided on the procedure given below for the 2017 ‘Player of the Year’ award.

It is in two stages. In the first stage, the members nominate a short list of candidates; the selection then takes place from that short list.

All the other awards for which the Committee is responsible will be decided as last year.

ECF Player of the Year Award

Any system giving all ECF members the opportunity to elect the player of the year must have both advantages and disadvantages.  After discussion with the Awards Committee and some members of the ECF we have decided to adopt the two stage system outlined here for this award in 2017.

Stage 1

All ECF members will be invited to nominate up to five different names of players they feel should be on the short list for the final selection. Each nomination will receive one vote. The votes will be totalled and when this is done, a short list of about six names will be drawn up.  The Awards Committee reserves the right to add names to this list in the event of any obvious omissions.

This stage will be advertised in mid-April, and nominations will be closed in mid-May. The full results of this stage will not be published, as they may skew the results of Stage 2.

Stage 2

The short list of nominations will be published in alphabetical order, giving a brief summary of each player’s main achievements during the season.   

ECF members will then be invited to vote for three of these players, in order of preference. First preferences get 5 points, second preferences 3 points and third preferences 1 point.  The player with most points becomes our Player of the Year.

This short list to be published by the end of May and voting to be completed in mid-June.

— Paul Bielby (Chairman, ECF Awards Committee)

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