ECF Elections 2017

The following candidates are confirmed as standing in the elections to be held at the 2017 AGM as a result either of exercising the right to stand for re-election to a position currently held, or of being nominated by the Board or the level of support of the requisitionists as defined by Article 1.1

Director of Finance – David Eustace (incumbent)

Non-Executive Directors – Julie Denning (incumbent)
Peter Hornsby (nominated by Francis Bowers Platinum Direct Members’ Representative, Middlesex County Chess Association, Cumbria Chess Association, South Tyne League, Cambridgeshire County Chess Association)

Director of Home Chess – Alex Holowczak (incumbent)

Director of Membership – David Thomas (incumbent)

Other Elected Posts

Chairman of Council – Mike Gunn (incumbent)

FIDE Delegate – Malcolm Pein (incumbent)

Direct Members’ Representatives

The positions for the Direct Members’ Representatives are also due for election.  There are two positions for each membership category, and the following nominations have been received, all of whom incidentally are current representatives —

HLVP etc – Stewart Reuben, John Wickham; Platinum members – Francis Bowers; Gold members – No nominations received; Silver members – Michael Farthing, John Reyes; Bronze members – Angus French, Gareth Ellis