ECF Insurance / Child Protection Policy

In our email and web entry of 11th September 2015 concerning renewal of the ECF Insurance, we informed you that the Child Protection Policy is being reviewed.  A draft version of a new policy is now under discussion, and we hope to publish the final version on the website once finalised and agreed.  In the meantime, there are some changes that need to be brought to clubs’ attention.

Previously, guidance was that ANYONE who has unsupervised access to children, for instance, an adult running a junior club, should need to have a DBS (formerly CRB) check undertaken.  Following revised guidance from the Government, there is a reduced requirement to undertake DBS checks as part of an organisation’s safeguarding measures that need to be in place.  This is because the definition of regulated activity has changed.

Organisations  and Clubs are advised to check the guidance on eligibility for applying for DBS checks before applying for any new ones.

For example, if the role involves teaching, training, supervising, advising, transporting or caring for children or vulnerable adults, and this occurs once a week or more OR 4 or more days in a 30 day period, then an enhanced DBS check may be applied for.  If the activity does not take place once a week (or 4 times or more in a 30 day period), then it may be illegal to try to obtain one.

The ECF is also recommending in its new policy and procedures that organisations designate a safeguarding officer to support their own safeguarding activities and measures.

— Gary Willson, ECF Office Manager

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