ECF Internet Chess Service now ready for use

The ECF is pleased to announce that after much planning and several months of beta testing with a team of volunteers, the long awaited ECF internet chess service is now ready for live use at

We have established a number of ECF clubs/ teams across different provider platforms with and lichess clubs currently available and ready for use. The online clubs are open to all ECF members and supporters and will allow you to play in regular ECF-organised online tournaments, as well as  international matches, and will also let you receive an online rating which will be published monthly from February/ March 2020 onwards. The online rating will be a 4 digit Elo rating based on internet club games against other ECF members or supporters, and will be completely separate from your ECF OTB grade. Full details including joining instructions, details of upcoming and previous events, and full grading records from the beta test competitions to date are now available on the ECF online site at

Please do join one or more of the clubs so that you can take part in the club events and give the online service a try. Any questions or feedback to help improve the service are very welcome and should be directed in the first instance to

— Nigel Towers