A special offer for new ECF members

In the past the ECF membership year has run from 1st September to 31st of the following August, and each year during July we open the sale of new memberships and renewals for the following season. In April, Finance Council approved the Board’s plan to move to a rolling membership year, where memberships will run for 12 months from when they are taken out.

In order to make a transition towards this new arrangement while the technicalities of the change are being worked out, the Board has decided that with immediate effect any new members joining the Federation as Silver members or higher will have their membership automatically extended to expire on 31st August 2023 once memberships for that period go on sale, thus giving them nearly fifteen months’ membership in place of merely a couple. The offer includes junior memberships in those categories, but does not extend to Bronze membership as that is already backdated to 1st September 2021 under existing rules; nor to members upgrading an existing membership.

Existing members should wait until their renewal notices are sent out in July before renewing their memberships.

If you need help on taking out a membership for 2021-22, you can find some help and guidance here on how to join the ECF. Please note that even if your membership is being extended you may still receive an invitation to renew your membership in July.  You will not need to take any further action at that time. The Office staff will renew your membership for you, and you will receive a confirmation email when this has been done.

If you have any questions about this offer simply email the Office at office@englishchess.org.uk and they’ll be happy to help.

— Rob Willmoth, ECF Director of Membership