FIDE Arbiters’ Licence Fees Scheme

As you may know, FIDE is introducing a scheme whereby arbiters have to be licensed and pay a licence fee in order to continue officiating at rated events. From 1st January 2013 all arbiters at FIDE rated events will need to have a licence, failing which the event will not be FIDE rated.

The ECF has been opposed to this scheme since it was first suggested and supported attempts to abolish or substantially modify it at the FIDE Congress in Istanbul in September 2012. We should like to thank Nigel Short, the ECF FIDE Delegate, and Lara Barnes (who represented Chess Scotland) for their efforts in this regard. A further proposal which would have imposed additional levies on events was rejected by the Congress.

However, the Licence Fees Scheme remained unaltered and it is now necessary for the ECF to facilitate its implementation. It is the arbiters’ responsibility to pay the licence fees, but FIDE require payment to be made through the ECF, acting as the arbiters’ agent.

The total cost will be as follows

Category A IA £270.00
Category B IA £180.00
Category C IA £144 FA £108.00
Category D IA £ 90 FA £ 72.00
Other Arbiters £20.00

The ECF will only be providing this service to ECF members. Non-members will need to join the ECF before they can obtain their arbiters’ licences. A list of arbiters by category may be found at –

Please would you advise by Friday 30th November whether or not you would like the ECF to apply for a licence on your behalf. Replies should be sent to International Director David Openshaw at
If you do wish to be licensed you will also need to send the appropriate licence fee to the ECF by bank transfer to Sort Code: 601015 Account number: 87572044 or by cheque to the office. Licences will be applied for once funds are received.

If you opt not to pay, then you will be considered inactive by FIDE and will not be permitted to arbit at FIDE Rated events. In such circumstance you will be able to restore active status by obtaining a licence at a later date.

Please note that once licensed, it is important that you remain an active arbiter at FIDE Rated events, as this licence fee is a one-off fee valid for life or until the arbiter becomes inactive. An arbiter becomes inactive if during a two year period he or she does not act as an arbiter at any FIDE Rated event valid for an FA norm. Inactive arbiters must then pay a further licence fee on becoming active.

A currently inactive arbiter may choose to become active by paying the relevant fee and will be placed in Category D.

If you have any queries, please would you adress them to –
David Sedgwick, Manager of Arbiters (International) at

– Sean Hewitt, ECF Acting International Director & David Sedgwick,  ECF Manager of Arbiters (International)

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