FIDE Qualification Commission questionnaire

The FIDE Qualification Commission (QC) is seeking responses to a questionnaire about the length of
games required for standard play games to be FIDE rated. The QC has received a lot of correspondence during 2019 suggesting FIDE should change the rating regulations to allow shorter games than at present to be rated. The relevant regulation is Regulation 1 here –

Given that changing this regulation would directly impact upon so much FIDE-rated chess, the Qualification Commission has decided to create a questionnaire to put this issue directly to all interested parties and to better inform any decision that might be taken to change this regulation. The questionnaire can be found here

The QC encourages all players and interested parties to respond to this questionnaire, and for national federations to send it to their members encouraging them to respond. Responses will be collected until Sunday, 27th October; and results published as soon as possible thereafter.

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