FIDE World Chess Championships

The FIDE World Chess Championships starts on Friday 26th November in Dubai and will run over 14 rounds from 26th November until Thursday 16th December. The championship will be played between the reigning World Champion, Magnus Carlsen and GM Ian Nepomniachtchi, who won the Candidates tournament earlier in 2021.

Magnus Carlsen (left) by Lennart Ootes and Ian Nepomniachtchi (right) by Niki Riga

You can watch the match on any of the sites listed below; we will update the list with additional streams as these are established — – Kasparov Chess with post game video analysis by GM Matthew Sadler and 13th World Champion GM Gary Kasparov

For more background —

Magnus Carlsen in the Guardian newspaper |’s predictions | Biography of Magnus Carlsen | Biography of Ian Nepomniachtchi | Leonard Barden in the Guardian

You can find a fuller preview of the match and the two players from GM Peter Wells here (as published in last month’s ChessMoves) –

The playing schedule will be as follows —

Date Event
Wednesday 24 November Opening ceremony
Thursday 25 November Media day
Friday 26 November 12:30pm GMT Game 1
Saturday 27 November 12:30pm GMT Game 2
Sunday 28 November 12:30pm GMT Game 3
Monday 29 November Rest day
Tuesday 30 November 12:30pm GMT Game 4
Wednesday 1 December 12:30pm GMT Game 5
Thursday 2 December Rest day
Friday 3 December 12:30pm GMT Game 6
Saturday 4 December 12:30pm GMT Game 7
Sunday 5 December 12:30pm GMT Game 8
Monday 6 December Rest day
Tuesday 7 December 12:30pm GMT Game 9
Wednesday 8 December 12:30pm GMT Game 10
Thursday 9 December Rest day
Friday 10 December 12:30pm GMT Game 11
Saturday 11 December 12:30pm GMT Game 12
Sunday 12 December 12:30pm GMT Game 13
Monday 13 December Rest day
Tuesday 14 December 12:30pm GMT Game 14
Wednesday 15 December Tie-break or closing ceremony
Thursday 16 December Closing ceremony in case of a tie-break