Finance Council meeting 2018 decisions

The ECF Finance Council met on Saturday 28th April 2018 at the Thistle City Barbican Hotel, 120 Central Street, Clerkenwell, London.  A full Agenda and all associated paperwork can be found here.  The meeting commenced at 1.30pm, and all business was concluded by 5.50pm.

The following is a list of key outcomes/decisions.

Item 3 (Appointment of Tellers)
David Gilbert and Andrew Leadbetter were appointed tellers.

Item 5 (Matters Arising)
It is hoped a new membership system will be in place for the start of the next membership year.  The Board are working towards enabling members to pay by Direct Debit.

Item 6 (Finance Matters)
(a) The proposed budget for 2018/19 was agreed.  A request will be made to the Director of International Chess for a breakdown of the costs of the 2018 Olympiad to be published.

(b) The membership rates for 2018/19 will be —
i. Platinum (adult and junior): £70
ii. Gold (adult): £34
iii. Gold (junior): £17
iv. Silver (adult): £23.50
v. Silver (junior): £5
vi. Bronze (adult): £16
vii. Bronze (junior): £5
The £1 reduction for joining or renewing membership on-line will be removed, as will the £1 reduction in renewals conducted by member organisations.

(c) The minimum fee for Member Organisations will be £60.

(d) Pay to Play fees (for Congresses) will be unchanged at —
i. ECF graded adult congresses: £7.50
ii. FIDE rated events: £10.50
iii. Junior congresses: £2.00

(e) Non-member game fee (4 or more games) in any league or competition £16 (adult)

(f) Non-member game fee (4 or more games) in any league or competition £5 (junior)

Item 7 (Governance)
(a) Council decided to amend certain technical provisions within the articles concerning the voting register, nem con.
(b) Prior to the Council meeting, the Board withdrew the amendment that would have removed the Director of Women’s Chess as a Board position.

Item 8 (County Championships)
3 proposals were put to Council for the 2019 Tournament —

1 – The Open and the Minor sections to remain at 16 Boards per team, but the other graded sections to reduce to 12 Boards.  This went to a card vote, with 96 FOR, 129 AGAINST with 35 ABSTENTIONS.  The proposal failed.

2 – For there to be Open and Graded sections, but no Minor section.  This proposal failed overwhelmingly by show of hands.

3 – In addition to the Open Section, to FIDE rate the Minor and the U180 sections.  This proposal failed overwhelmingly by show of hands.

Item 9 (Merging of Bronze and Silver membership categories, proposed by the NCCU)
Council considered the proposal to merge the adult Bronze and Silver membership categories into one, costing £20.  Following a card vote, 63 FOR, 233 AGAINST, 10 ABSTAINED.  The proposal failed.

Item 10 (Request for funding from Amanda Ross of Casual Chess)
Casual Chess requested a payment of £6K to help fund their programme of supporting women to enter chess, by providing more friendly open environments and regular coaching.  On amendment, the motion was changed to a donation of £3K.  The motion lost on a show of hands (7 FOR, 21 AGAINST), but it was suggested Council was not the most appropriate organisation to make such decision, and Amanda was invited to approach other more suitable organisations.

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