Howell to play in Aberystwyth

David Howell will be in Aberystwyth to defend the British Championship title he won in Torquay earlier this year. The schedule of the Championship section will change from Monday to Friday as in previous years to Saturday to Wednesday; with the final round starting in the morning. This arrangement was only possible after the original schedule announcement was made, but it will also allow the opportunity for further Olympiad players to participate in the Championships.

A knock-on effect of this change will be that the rest day for the Championship and Major Open will move from Sunday to Saturday, and as in 2013, there will be no playoff for the Championship in case of a tie in order to allow any Olympiad players who may subsequently commit to travel to Tromso in time for the start of the Olympiad. The rest of the schedule that was previously announced will remain unchanged.

We are also delighted to announce that David will spend a day coaching children in Cardiff in the build-up to the Championships.

Everybody involved acknowledges that it is undesirable to change the schedule after it has already been announced. I would like to apologise to those inconvenienced by this change of plans, but I am confident that the guarantee of Howell’s participation in 2014 will be seen as a positive development by those who regularly attend the Championships.

– Alex Holowczak

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