Intercontinental ChessKid FIDE Challenge 2!

FIDE is pleased to announce that following the tremendous success of the first edition, the Intercontinental ChessKid FIDE Challenge will return. The second edition will be June 19, 2021, and is open to any child aged 12 and below. In the first edition in January 1900 kids from 86 countries competed. Let’s try to get 100+ countries participating!

The prizes for the winners include group lessons localized to winning kids’ language and time zone. For the last event, GM Humpy Koneru and GM Vishy Anand taught in English, GM Irina Krush taught in Russian, GM Jorge Cori taught in Spanish, GM Stelios Halkias taught in Greek, and IM Hongjin Ahn taught in Korean.

To best accommodate as many time zones as possible, there will be two distinct tournaments. Children are eligible to play in either one or both, whichever is more convenient for them. Each of the two editions will be played in two sections: Ages 9-12 and 8 & Under. Both will have fun and insightful commentary on with FunMasterMike and famous chess commentators and guests. The time control will be 10+2 (10 minutes starting time plus 2 seconds added per move) and each of the two editions will be 7 rounds. The expected length for each tournament is about three hours.

Although the Intercontinental ChessKid FIDE Challenge is focused mostly on participation and fun, every child will have a chance to win prizes! For every half-point earned, a player receives one “raffle ticket” into a drawing (two “raffle tickets” for every win). In addition, any player finishing the tournament receives a bonus raffle ticket. The drawings for both events will take place on June 26, 2021.

To join the tournaments, register here —
The Eastern Hemisphere edition (beginning at 9.00am UK)
The Western Hemisphere edition (beginning at 9.00am Pacific US)

FIDE invites you to join this worldwide initiative and hopes kids from all over the world enjoy the challenge. For more info visit the ChessKid website at