International Round Up 19/01/10 from Lawrence Cooper

Corus Wijk aan Zee 2010
Nigel Short is playing in the A Group which includes Magnus Carlsen, Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik and is currently on 0.5/3 after a draw with black against Anand in round 2 but losses to Loek Van Wely in round 1 with black and a loss to Hikaru Nakamura with white in round 3. Alexei Shirov leads the A group with 3/3, half ahead of Carlsen & Nakamura.
David Howell is in the B Group and is is on 1.5/3 after hard fought draws with GMs Parimarjan Negi, Pentala Harikrishna and Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu.. Hua Ni & Anish Giri lead with 2.5/3, half a point ahead of Arkadij Naiditsch.
Live coverage of all 21 games in Groups A, B and C is available at

The second weekend took place from 16-17 January at the Barcelo Hotel, Hinckley Island. The highlight of the weekend (other than the seven hour ECF meeting of course) was the match where Wood Green/Hilsmark Kingfisher took on Pride & Prejudice. After a titantic struggle the match ended 4-4 when Mark Hebden salvaged an unlikely half from his game against Alexander Baburin despite defending rook & knight against rook, knight & g+h pawns. Especially pleasing from an English perspective was the win with black for Mickey Adams against Etienne Bacrot on board 1. It’s great to see Mickey continuing his good form from the London Chess Classic and I hope to see him back over 2700 on the next FIDE list. Harriet Hunt also won for P&P in a time scramble with Keti Arakhamia-Grant on board 8. In reply WGHK won on boards 2 and 7 with Jon Ludvig Hammer winning with black against Stewart Haslinger and Nick Pert grinding out a win against Florian Grafl. Boards 3-6 were drawn, board 4 being the most dramatic as already mentioned above. This leaves the league wide open with the likelihood of these two teams trying to rack up game points to outscore the other. Of course Barbican and Guildford may still yet have a say in the destination of the title, as may Wood Green 2.
The full results from rounds 3 and 4 in all three Divisions are available on the website and the games from the weekend should be available soon. The current league format splits Divisions 1 and 2 into two groups of 8. After 7 rounds the top 4 from each group form the top group and the bottom 4 form a relegation group. This effectively means a team can avoid relegation in the first 7 rounds by strengthening their teams sufficiently to break into the top group. It also means that teams wishing to qualify for Europe have to be in the top 4 after 7 rounds to give themselves a chance. Qualification is open to the three highest placed teams from England who wish to take up the place provided they finish in the top half of the league.

Prague Open
Anya Corke finished on 5/9 with a rating performance of 2249.

Marienbad IM All-play-all B2 2010 Czech Republic
Anya Corke is playing in the IM B2 all-play-all event where she has an average opponent of 2292 and therefore requires 6.5/9 for an IM norm. She is currently on 1/3.

Liberty Bell Open Philadelphia USA
Kanwal Bhatia played in the FIDE rated weekend open drawing against MacKenzie Molner 2393 and Effim Treger 2253 and losing to FM Paul MacIntyre 2273 and IM Jay Bonin 2346.

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