Join the ECF 2020

1) The ECF membership year is fixed, and runs from the 1st September to the 31st of the following August. Members joining later in the year will inevitably get less benefit from their membership.

2) When you register with the ECF for the first time, you must complete both parts of the ECF / Azolve transaction before your Free Junior Silver membership takes effect. When you come to the checkout, the fee (£6.00) will automatically be deducted and you will not be charged

3) The easiest way to manage your membership of the English Chess Federation is through our online system. In order to join you need an email address, and a credit or debit card to make payment. In order to renew and/or upgrade, you’ll need your renewal email as well (unless you know your logins), and your bank details in case you want to set up a direct debit. In addition, your ECF grading reference, if you have one, will be useful as well. If you have not previously played a graded game you will, not have a grading reference, but any player who has played a graded game in the last twenty years should be able to locate their reference in the grading database, located at Just type your surname into the box labelled ‘Search the Grading List’ and click the ‘Find Players’ button. Then, if you have not played recently, when the list of names appears, click the ‘Click here to include ungraded players’ link

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign Up button and enter your basic details. Forename, surname, email address, date of birth, gender, first line of address, town, postcode, and password are required information; all other boxes are optional. When you’re done, click Continue
  3. On the next screen on you can opt in to receive various communications from the ECF and the provider, GO! Membership (we recommend that you sign up to the Federation’s monthly eNewsletter). Tick whichever boxes you wish and click Continue
  4. The next screen details the Terms & Conditions you are required to accept by either the Federation and/or GO! Membership, to permit us to retain the data necessary to administer your membership (the Finish button on this screen will not work until you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, below all the Terms & Conditions documents, and tick the box there)
  5. Now you’ll see  the Welcome screen, with links to the various sections of the system (some are not yet functional). At this point you have successfully registered with the system, but you’re not yet a member of the Federation. The Go button takes you directly to the membership screen, and the Let’s Go button takes you to your profile
  6. Your profile is a summary of your details – if any are incorrect, click the Update Details button to edit them. Clicking Save will return you to the Profile screen. PARENTS PLEASE NOTE — if you are adding two or more children to the ECF membership database at this time, make sure you CHOOSE a USERNAME for each of them in turn, rather than accepting the default (your email address) as each subsequent child added will otherwise trigger a ‘username already in use‘ dialogue box.
  7. Click on Membership and you will be shown the membership options available to you. Click on the icon for the membership category you want, and the icon will change to show which category has been selected
  8. You will see a box for your ECF Grading Reference. You will also see a note about associating your membership with a chess club. Doing so will enable the authorised officials of that club to access your membership details. There are no officials authorised at present, but this facility will be offered to clubs during the summer
  9. A pop-up box should appear to say that your new membership has been added to your cart, and offering the choice of paying now or later

Make payment

  1. If you did not pay immediately, you can return to the cart by clicking on the MENU item to the left of the MY PROFILE item at the top of the screen, and selecting the Cart icon from the menu screen.
  2. You’ll see a summary of the items in your shopping cart, to verify that the memberships being purchased are correct, and you have the option of removing one or all of the items in the cart. If everything is in order, click Checkout. The next screen asks you to confirm that your profile details are correct; click Next to proceed
  3. Next is the checkout screen, where you select your method of payment. There are two options available: Pay by Bank and Pay by Card. Please be aware that the Pay via Bank option is setting up payment by Direct Debit; the Federation encourages members to simplify future payments by doing this, but realises that it is not appropriate for everyone. (Note – if you are eligible for Free Junior Silver membership the fee will be shown as £0.00 and the button will be labelled Complete Transaction, which will take you directly to the summary screen)
  4. If paying by card — a pop-up screen will appear for the usual card details: card number (16 digits), expiry date (month/year), and security number (the last 3 digits from the back of the card, or 4 digits from the front for Amex). You will then be taken to a summary screen from which you have the option of printing off a PDF receipt
  5. If paying by Direct Debit — a pop-up screen will appear asking for the necessary details: name of account holder, sort code, and account number. You will then be taken to a screen on which you are asked to confirm the setting up of the Direct Debit
  6. You will receive an email Payment Receipt Confirmation from to the email address you registered with. You will also receive a second email Membership Purchase Confirmation, which will confirm your membership type, membership number, and expiry date