Junior Squad Championships 2012 – from Peter Purland

These were held at Tiffins School in Kingston-upon-Thames and attracted 144 players in four sections, including many of our best juniors. The U16s was the smallest with the closeness of GCSEs persuading many to stay away (although intelligent chess players have nothing to fear!!)

17 took part and the lead changed hands when the early leader, Oskar Hackner, was defeated by Joseph Levene. Joseph, in turn, was defeated by Jamie Tilston and, as Oskar won his last game these two shared first place with Kumar Dixit and Philip Knott third equal on 3.5.

There were 27 U14 players and, again, this was closely contested. Ananth Balaji and Akito Oyama drew in Round Four and were joined on 3.5 by Adam C Taylor. The final round saw Ananth defeat Adam, whilst Leo Tsoi beat Akito. This left Ananth sole winner with Leo and Taran Jina second on 4 points. Akito, Adam and Prashast Vir were 4= a further half point behind.

The U 12s was the largest section with 59 players and was very hard fought. Dion Huang, Jake Liang, David Liu and Yang-Jian Zhou were all on 3/3 but then all drew to be joined on 3.5 by James Kearney and Joshua Higgs. In the final round Jake beat James, Joshua beat Dion and Yang-Jian beat David leaving three joint winners. Matthew McLachlan and Richard Zhu shared fourth place.

The U10s had 41 players with Nikolai Hinterreither and Koby Kalavannan sharing first place and Joshua Altman, Anantha Anilkumar and Charlie Mclaren joint third.

Thanks are due to Marc Shaw for arranging the venue and arbiting, Alec Webster for doing the entries and finance as well as arbiting and Rob Wilmoth for helping with the sections. I would also like to thank Tiffins School for hosting the event


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