Manchester Evening News – chess article

— from Alan Burke, 3Cs Publicity Officer

There is an article which is due for publication in tonight’s Manchester Evening News (Monday 8th January) after I contacted them about how chess can be played by people from all around the world – even if they don’t speak the same language – and how the 3Cs club in Oldham is one of the foremost with regard to the promotion and teaching of chess to even the very youngest.

The article can be accessed via the following …

I have seen some comments recently asking about how chess clubs can attract youngsters to the game.  That has never been a problem at 3Cs so maybe it might be an idea for people with an interest in youth chess to sometime visit the club to see its methods – the club are not secretive about what they do and if they can help others to replicate their success then it can only be good for the game of chess as a whole.

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