Membership requirements for Closed Congresses

Following queries from two county associations which run closed championships in the form of a weekend congress, the ECF Board considered the membership requirements for such events.
The Board decided that, provided the event is explicitly (i.e. on the entry form) restricted to players from within a single county, it falls within the ‘county/league/club’ framework, for which Bronze membership provides exemption from Game Fee on a player’s results. This applies even though the event may take the form of a congress. The Board’s reasoning was that the restriction to players from a single county met the spirit of ‘local’ competition which Bronze membership was intended to cover.
The same principle applies to congresses which are explicitly restricted to members of a particular league within a county.
Congresses which are open to players from outside a single county are covered by the Silver membership framework.
If the event is FIDE-rated, the standard requirements for rated events apply.
Graders are asked to state that an event is a ‘closed congress’ when submitting the results. If players from outside the defined county compete in a ‘closed congress’, the event as a whole will be treated as an ordinary congress and charged the Pay to Play fee for anyone not a Silver ECF member or higher.

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