Graded Congresses

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Prices in this document relate to both the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons.

NB. The following guidance applies to graded congresses open to adults and juniors alike. See the note at the end of this section for guidance on Junior-only events.

The ECF will charge the event a Pay to Play fee of £7 for each adult congress participant (£5 for juniors) who is not an ECF member or who is an ECF member at Bronze level only. There is no charge at all for ECF members at Silver, Gold or Platinum level

The £7 (£5 for juniors) fee is the same regardless of the number of rounds in the event and of the rate of play (i.e. it is the same for Standard Play and Rapid Play).

It is recommended that the entry fee for participants be set at a level to cover the £7 (£5 for juniors) Pay to Play fee, but with a discount available for ECF members at Silver, Gold or Platinum level.

A suggested form of words for the entry form is as follows, but organisers may of course vary this as they see fit:

This is a registered ECF Game Fee event. Players who are current ECF Members at Silver, Gold or Platinum level on the date of the congress may deduct £[7] (£[5] for Juniors) from their entry fee.

It is recommended that congress entry forms should request the following information:

  • Whether the player is an ECF member;
  • If YES:
    • ECF Membership number
    • Level of membership (i.e. Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum)

We would stress that the availability and amount of any discount is entirely at the discretion of the congress organisers. Silver, Gold and Platinum ECF members will naturally tend to be aware that the cost of their participation is £7 (£5 for juniors) less than for non-members and Bronze ECF members, but the pricing of entry to the event remains the decision of the organisers.

Organisers are able to verify the membership status of any player via the ECF website. In the event of any additional queries, the ECF office will be happy to help.

Upon submission of the congress results for grading, the ECF will identify the number of non-members and Bronze members and invoice the designated contact for the event for the total fee due, i.e. the number of adult non-members and Bronze members x £7 PLUS the number of junior non-members and Bronze members x £5. For congresses taking place in September and October this process will be deferred until after 31st October, to enable players joining as Bronze members through a Membership Organisation and competing in congresses in this period to take advantage of the automatic upgrade facility.

Organisers should be aware that the ECF will, upon receipt of the grading submission, centrally upgrade the membership status of Bronze members to Silver on the first occasion that they participate in a graded congress, i.e. the £7 Pay to Play fee, which is the same as the price differential between Bronze and Silver membership, will be applied to fund the upgrade (£5 in the case of the Concessionary rates for Bronze and Silver available for juniors).

Note: Although the ECF will upgrade Bronze members upon receipt of the grading data as indicated above, the timing of this will depend upon how quickly this information is submitted by the organisers. Bronze members may, therefore, prefer to upgrade to Silver membership in advance of the event by paying the difference between the Bronze and Silver membership subscriptions (£7 for adults, £5 for juniors) direct to the ECF. This would be especially advisable if the member was planning to enter more than one congress in relatively quick succession. Members may upgrade their membership to a higher level at any time by paying the difference between the relevant rates.

For this reason, organisers may wish to consider including a wording such as this in their entry form:

Bronze ECF members should note that their membership will be upgraded to Silver by the ECF following receipt of the congress results for grading. Some delay is inevitable, and in the meantime the undiscounted entry fee will apply in any future congresses. Upgrading prior to the congress online or via the ECF office is recommended.

Junior-only Events

In the case of congresses open only to junior players, Game Fee is chargeable on each result (half-game) played by anyone who is not an ECF Direct Member at Silver level of above.

The Game Fee rates applicable are the same as for junior-only leagues and club competitions, namely 60p and 30p per result (half-game) for Standard and Rapid Play respectively.

A Note on Timing

As now, the Game Fee / Pay to Play fees are payable to the ECF within 30 days of the conclusion of the event. An invoice will be issued by the ECF office after the results have been processed for grading.

In the event of non-payment, results of future events from the same organiser will not be accepted for grading unless payment, including any outstanding amounts due, is received with the grading submission.

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