Membership Fees for Organisations

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Prices in this document relate to both the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons.

Each Constituent Unit, County Association, Chess League, Chess Congress and Other Organisation shall pay an annual membership fee based upon the greater of:

  • the Game Fees payable or deemed to be payable (where the liability for Game Fee has been waived) in respect of the number of graded results from events organised by that body in accordance with the Game Fee Bye Laws, or
  • a minimum Membership Fee of £60 per annum or at such rate determined from time to time by the Finance Council.

Where the results of ECF members attract no Game Fee or Pay to Play fee (i.e. any level of ECF member in League, Club and County events; Silver members or above in graded Congresses; Gold members or above in FIDE-rated events), the Game Fee or Pay to Play fee which would have been payable if they had not been an ECF member counts towards the figure in (1) above.

Where the minimum Membership Fee applies it is payable by 30th November each year.

Not that, in practice, it is extremely likely that the total Game Fee payable or deemed to be payable (i.e. in the case of members results where the Game Fee is waived) will exceed £60. For the vast majority of member organisations, therefore, no separate Membership Fee is payable. For example, if a League (not junior-only) has more than 24 Standard Play results, the actual or deemed Game Fee would exceed £60 (i.e. 24 x £2.50) and no separate Membership Fee would be payable. Similarly, if a Congress has 9 or more adult participants, the actual or deemed Pay to Play fees would exceed £60 (i.e. 9 x £7) and no separate Membership Fee would be payable.

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