New FIDE venture

Results of rapidplay and blitz games will start to be collected by FIDE from 1 January 2012. The first list will appear 1 July 2012. There will be no charge for submission of results to FIDE in 2012.  The rapidplay rules and rate of play will be as in the Laws of Chess. The blitz rules will be as in the Laws, but the minimum rate of play will be FIVE minutes as for 60 moves. Thus 3 minutes + 2 seconds cumulative is fine.

The initial starting ratings will be the published FIDE Ratings. The system used and the numbers will be identical to the current FIDE Rating System. Thus unrated players in their first event will need to play at least 3 rated opponents, score at least one point and achieve a rating of at least 1200 (from 1 July that will become 1000). Only after at least 9 games will they have a rating.

The k factor used for all games and all players will be 20. It will thus be possible to organise a 9 round blitz club tournament in one evening.

The Hastings International Chess Congress [], running from the 28th December to the 5th January, hopes to organise the first-ever FIDE Rated Blitz Tournament. Logistics may defeat the idea of holding it on the 1st January, but the 2nd should be fine

To pre-register tournaments and find out the required format, contact Howard Grist [], the ECF International Rating Officer

–   Stewart Reuben

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