New membership system – DOB problems

Some ECF members have been having problems when renewing online at the point when a choice of membership levels should be offered (Bronze, Silver etc) and nothing appears in the relevant window. This error is covered on the instructions page here – – but here it is again to reinforce how to get past this glitch, which is caused by an empty date of birth box in the membership profile, and fixed simply by entering a valid DOB —

6) You will see the Profile screen, which contains a summary of your details as recorded on the system. If any details have changed or are missing you can click the Update Details button to go to the Membership Details Form and edit your details. If the Date of Birth field (identified by the calendar icon) is blank, as in the example above, then the first time you log in you must click Update Details and enter something in the Date of Birth field. Clicking Save on the Membership Details Form will return you to the Profile screen.


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