Northern Junior Chess Championship winners

… played at Abbey Gate School, Chester on the 22nd/23rd February 2020

Under 7s
1st – Savannah Ashton, Three Cs
=2nd – Sammy Goldsmith; Nishad Vikram, Polehampton Infants School

Under 8s
1st Girls – Anbalaan Amarishka, Witton
1st Boys – Alexandr Korsniskij, Liverpool
2nd Girls – Jasmine Chapman, Chester Chess Club
2nd Boys – Anirudh Nedungadi, Manchester
3rd Girls – Diah Patel, Hallfield
=3rd Boys – VishalPrasad, Buckingham
=3rd Boys – Kia Zhang, Forest Park School

Under 9s
1st Girls – Alannah Ashton, Three Cs
1st Boys – Arad Enshaeia, Liverpool
2nd Boys – Ethan Jia, Forest Park School
=3rd Boys – James Hayward, Forest School
=3rd Boys – George Turner, Hoole

Under 10s
1st Boys – Peter Fedotov, Liverpool
=1st Girls – Seren Fletcher, Chester Chess Club
=2nd Boys – Edward Correa, Three Cs; Aaron Freddy, Merchant Taylors
=2nd  Girls – Freya Chapman, Chester
=2nd  Girls – Kathy Su

Under 11s
1st Girls – Amanthika Amarishka, Witton
1st Boys – Rohit Surapaneni, C&NW
=2nd Boys – Ethan Challoner, Chester
=2nd Boys – Matthew Pearson, Bolton

Under 12s
1st Girls – Dawn Supatan, Ashton
1st Boys – Ethan Gardiner, Three Cs
2nd Girls – Prachi Arora, RGS Newcastle
2nd Boys – Dylan Cooper, Staffordshire
3rd Girls – Rebecca Correa, Three Cs
3rd Boys – Dylan Whitney, Newcastle-U-Lyme

Under 14s
=1st Boys – Marek Korsnikij, Liverpool
=1st Boys – Mohammed Benhamid, Three Cs
2nd Boys – Denzel Supatan, Ashton

Under 16s
1st Boys – Bashir Rozevi, Liverpool
2nd Boys – Ben Whitehead
3rd Boys – Ranjula Ransinghe                  

Under 18s
1st Girls – Aisha Benhamid, Three Cs
1st Boys – Sai Mong

This was the fifth year in which the Northern Junior Championship has been held. Previous Congress events have included Manchester, Yorkshire (Leeds), Merseyside (Crosby), Newcastle and now Chester. The congress attracted almost ninety children, mainly in the age range 9-12 and a future ambition is to establish the event with secondary school children.

Prizes were awarded for the first three boys and the first three girls in each age group. The event was hosted by Abbey Grange School, Chester who provided good playing conditions. A big thank you to the control team and in particular Einas Benhamid (Ashton), Manoj Arora (Newcastle) and Everson Correa (Three Cs). A further thank you goes  to Howard Wood for his excellent book shop.