Online National 1400 (G60/15) returns

An online slow play event for players rated 1400 (ECF OL standard) or below played on by individual matchcard challenges at 6:30pm on Saturdays 21 August, 11 September & 18 September (coinciding with the closing stages of the Online County Championships).

Players interested in playing should complete the online registration form indicating the county they associate with and matchday availability. Entrants will be assigned to a regional team to compete in an intended all-play-all 3 match inter-region league (drawn from all the County Associations).

Entry form | Competition information 

For players without an ECF online standard rating, you can still play if —

(a) rated 1400 or below in the July 2021 ECF online rapid list; or
(b) no online July 2021 rapid rating but are rated 1400 or below in the over-the-board August 2021 Official Original standard list; or
(c) no online standard or rapid July 2021 rating and no August 2021 over-the-board standard rating but are rated 1400 or below in the rapid list; or
(d) have none of the above published ratings but have a rapid  rating of 1400 or below based on at least 8 games played.

You can find your ECF online and over-the-board ratings in the ECF Rating System database linked above by searching your name.