Opportunities for Arbiters in 2020

English FIDE Licensed International Arbiters and FIDE Arbiters – 44th Olympiad and European Chess Union Events

FIDE have recently announced a call of interest for arbiters to officiate at the 44th Olympiad in Moscow from 5th August 2020 to 18th August 2020. Please see https://www.fide.com/news/278 and https://arbiters.fide.com/

The main roles available will be Match Arbiter and Anti-Cheating Arbiter. A small number of highly experienced arbiters may wish to consider applying for appointment as a Sector Arbiter.

Separately, the European Chess Union have announced a call of interest for arbiters for all ECU events in 2020, This involves the completion of an online form. Please see https://arbiters.europechess.org/call-of-interest/

Your attention is drawn to the tight deadline of Friday 10th January which applies in both cases

— Alan Atkinson, ECF Manager of Arbiters