Pay to Play in junior tournaments

Last April, the Federation’s Council, its governing body, switched away from Game Fee for junior tournaments to ‘Pay to Play’ fees. This was set at £3.75, half the ‘open age’ rate, from 1st September 2017.

The Federation’s Board has reviewed the early effects of this change and has some concerns about its impact on certain events attracting high numbers of very young players. Although other factors have contributed, in particular it seems that the expected take up of free Junior Silver membership, available for a player’s first year of ECF membership, has been far lower than anticipated. As a result some junior events have incurred high ‘Pay To Play’ costs.

The Board now considers that the ‘Pay to Play’ should be adjusted to better reflect the intentions of the changes for 2017/18 rates. For 2017/18 the ‘Pay to Play’ fee in junior only events will be £2.00 rather than £3.75. This £2.00 figure is close to the £1.80 that would have been payable for a typical 6-round junior rapidplay event operating under the former Game Fee.

The fee for 2018/19 will be considered at the Finance Council meeting on 28 April.

The concession is retrospective to 1 September 2017 and the ECF office will deal with invoices already issued, by credit or by refund. 

Organisers of events which have not yet taken place should consider encouraging those junior entrants who have not previously been ECF members to take out free Junior Silver membership before the event, which will exempt them from any Pay To Play in all events except FIDE-rated standard play ones. 

Applications for, or enquiries about, this membership should be made to, or via the online form on the ECF Juniors website here

— David Eustace, Finance Director – 5th February 2018

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