Rating Category extensions


The lack of rated events due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to many players losing their category status based on number of games in the last year, and in some cases players have become unrated. As a result, the ECF has decided on a temporary extension of the periods for all rating categories by one year to avoid an ongoing loss of player categories and rating statuses. This change will be removed and the category rules set back to normal once chess activity goes back to pre-pandemic levels of activity and competitions.
The table below shows the new rating categories (A to F and *) with numbers or qualifying games in previous periods as shown and previous qualifying periods in brackets. The extended periods are now active with player categories amended as specfied in the online rating system.

Category Previous
2 yrs
(was 1)
3 years
(was 2)
4 years
(was 3)
6 years
(was 5)
A 30+      
B 10+ 30+    
C 10+   30+  
D 5+   15+  
E 1+   9+  
F 1+   5+  
*       1+
You can find further details of how player ratings and categories are calculated on the ECF rating site help pages here – https://www.ecfrating.org.uk/v2/help/help_profile.php