Ray Keene simul – report

A reflective hush descended in “Cannons” on 3 November, the usually lively restaurant at the CMS London offices. Renowned grandmaster Raymond Keene OBE faced 13 opponents in simultaneous chess battles lasting into the night.

Raymond’s opponents – CMS colleagues and family members and guests – put up strong challenges, but the results were a virtual landslide for Raymond: all victories but one, a draw, with Phil Brooks. Raymond selected the winners, and they included Justyna Ostrowska, Steven Coles and Dunstan Rodrigues. Justyna survived the longest, played convincingly and even had the confidence to decline the offer of a draw in the middle game.

Steven Coles – Crown Office Chambers barrister who has kindly collaborated with CMS in providing legal guidance for the ECF – maintained parity until a dramatic end game. Raymond singled out Dunstan for instinctively replicating GMs: Alekhine vs Nimzowitsch San Remo (1930). In addition, Raymond commended Jim Postill as one of the “best games [he] has played for a while” and shall profile Jim’s game in The Times!

A generous total of £420 (included £200 contribution from CMS) was donated for Raymond’s selected charity, The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

— Alice Brooks