Rothay Manor Chess Holiday

Thanks to the 10 participants at the 8th Chess Holiday held at Rothay Manor Hotel Ambleside. It took place from 13th to 17th March 2016. There were 4 tutorial sessions. The 5 round Rapidplay was won by Kevin Simpson, 2nd Rupert Guinness and 3rd Gordon Pearce. A 7 round Swiss event took place with each player having 1 hour on the clock. The results were as follows —

1st Rupert Guinness, Kings Lynn 6.5/7; 2nd Kevin Simpson, Mansfield 6/7; 3rd Gordon Pearce, Leeds 4.5/7; 4th= Brian Clarke, Hoylake, Neville Pearce, York and Colin Thompson, Calne 3.5/7; 7th Peter Owst, Hull 3/7; 8th John Molyneux, Oswestry 2/7; 9th Bob Wardle, Nottingham 1.5/7; 10th Tony Lawrence, Wootton Bedford 1/7
Rupert has now had the splendid achievement of winning this event 3 times. As usual the hotel provided excellent facilities. Thanks to all concerned, and the new proprietor, Jamie Shail, presented the prizes.
We were blessed with superb weather and a good time was had by all …
— Peter Cloudsdale, Organiser