Scheduled works / homepage shuffle – done

The promised navigational changes to the ECF homepage are done. Please note the following —

A) The ‘boxes of links’ that used to reside below the news area are gone, and have been replaced by a series of dropdown menus at the top of the page
B) The ‘most used’ links (as we perceive them) are now in the second, dark red, ‘Quick links’ menu below
C)  The news sections (two rows of ECF news, one row of general chess news) now fill the homepage
D) The area given over to the ECF’s advertising clients is now visible all the time, rather than being a revolving / slider image

Improvements and overall ‘tidying up’ will continue over the next few days, and the WM hope that this new setup will help all the ECF’s visitors find what they want quickly and easily. Constructive criticism can be emailed here –