Silver for Team GB!

Athletics? No, chess solving! The British team took the silver medal in the 2017 World Chess Solving Championship.  The GB trio of Nunn, Mestel and McNab shared the podium with gold-medallers Poland and hosts Germany who took the bronze.  Generous sponsorship from Winton Capital enabled GB to send our strongest team to the Championship, held in Dresden in early August.  John Nunn and Jonathan Mestel from England, both former individual World Champions at chess solvng, and the top Scottish solver Colin McNab, scored a total of 151 points, to come second in the field of 20 teams.

In chess solving events, competitors try to solve chess problems, such as White to play and force mate in three moves, against the clock.  The skills needed aren’t the same as normal chess games, but that helps – all three British solvers are also over-the-board chess grandmasters.

There’s an individual World Championship held at the same time as the team event, and Nunn and Mestel were highly-placed in that too, coming 4th and 7th, a very few points behind the winner, Poland’s Kasper Piorun.

The full results can be found at

All the problems are on that site too, and you can publish them –

The first two-mover, by Neukomm, caused difficulties to the top solvers, but surprisingly may be relatively easy for non-specialists; it has a checking key move, which is rare in chess problems, but non-specialists are likely to try that move first, so we suggest you quote this problem in your publications.