Swiss Manager / Live Board workshops

In response to popular demand, the ECF will be running 2 new workshops — Using Swiss Manager; and Setting Up and Using Live Boards. These workshops will last approximately four hours each.
The Swiss Manager workshop will be run in the morning (10:00-14:00), then a break for lunch, followed by the Live Board workshop in the afternoon (15:00-19:00). The first set of workshops will be held on Saturday 11th April at the Holiday Inn Kenilworth-Warwick, Abbey End, Kenilworth CV8 1ED. This is the same venue as the 4NCL Easter Congress, and the 4NCL are making these workshops possible by helping with facilities and equipment. The Swiss Manager workshop will be led by Alex Holowczak and Matthew Carr will lead the Live Board workshop.
The fee for each workshop will be £10 (£20 for both workshops). People can attend either workshop or can attend both workshops on the same day. Please sign up for these workshops here