World Chess Day

Monday is World Chess Day – |

20th July marks the date in 1924 when the International Chess Federation was established in Paris. World Chess Day (or International Chess Day) is celebrated worldwide and is now recognized by the United Nations following the General Assembly unanimously adopting the relevant resolution in December 2019.
The theme for this years World Chess Day is to teach someone you know how to play chess. FIDE recommend that you try to do this over the weekend of 18th and 19th July and then share experiences over social media on Monday.

Weekend Internationals
We have two internationals over the weekend in advance of the day – including a 10 Nation team battle on lichess on Saturday afternoon on lichess – – and a Nations League Match against Kazakhstan on Sunday at 2.00pm for ECF Members Club players via these links — Blitz segment at 2.00pm – | Blitz Segment at 2.40pm –

Monday 20th July Events
The ECF is putting on a number of events to mark the day on Monday 20th July as follows —

We have a series of Variant Chess events in the England Junior club starting in the morning and continuing from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm here – Events will include Antichess, Atomic, Chess960, Crazyhouse, Horde, King of the Hill, Racing Kings and Three-Check Arenas.

There will also be the normal Monday afternoon Swiss in the Open club here as a standard format event Swiss tournament at 5 minutes per player with 2 second increments — |

We are running a four hour evening marathon in the open club from 7.00 to 11.00pm at the link here, with prizes as follows —
1st – one year’s Diamond membership to
2nd– 6 months’ Diamond membership to
3rd – 3 months’ Diamond membership to

The marathon is open to players of all levels and you just need to join the ECF Open club here on –

Image courtesy of Wikimedia