World Senior Chess Team Championship

Venue: Town Hall, Vilnius
Arrival date: Saturday 12 July
Playing dates: Sunday 13 to Monday 21 July
I strongly recommend players not to arrive 13th with the intention of playing that day when play starts at 2pm
Departure: Tuesday 22 July
It is also possible to leave 21st, missing the Closing Banquet
Eligible to play: ECF Gold or higher card members
♦ 50+ (born 31 December 1964 or earlier)
♦ 65+ (born 31 December 1949 or earlier)
Those 65+ are entitled to play in the 50+ section. If less than 10 teams enter the 65+ Championship, the event will be merged into one tournament with separate prizes. Minimum recommended playing strength FIDE 1800, ECF 150, but since this is new, we have little to go on
Schedule: Round 1 2pm, all other rounds 10am
Rate of play: 40 moves in 90 minutes, all the moves in 30 minutes, add on 30 seconds cumulatively from the first
Default: 30 minutes after the start of play
Teams: Of 4 or 5. Which will apply to you cannot be guaranteed, but you can express preference. 4 has the advantage that you play all 9 games. 5 has the advantages that there will be rest days; people can take a whole day trip, especially with their partner; if somebody is ill or off-form they don’t have to play; the opponents can only prepare for their game against one player when they know the team composition
Entry fee: €50 per player

Hotel: I have selected the: Europa Royale Hotel – 4-star – 9 Ausros Vartu, 6 01303 Vilnius, Lithuania. Telephone 00370 5266 0770. Free wi fi. 3 minutes walk from the Town Hall. Single €80.Double €45 per person. Hitherto players have rarely wanted to share. Thus single player €850. Double player €500. Double accompanying partner €450. Lunch €12 Dinner €12. There are many other places to eat in Vilnius in walking distance. It isn’t essential that all the players stay in the same hotel, but it does add to the ambience of the event. If you add dinner that increases the cost by €120. Lunch and dinner €240.
Wizz Air – Opodo £125.38 per person. Departs Luton 14.05 arriving 18.45 12 July. Return departs Vilnius 19.15 arriving Luton 20.05 22 July.
I am certain there will be extra charges such as baggage. Otherwise I found Wizz air OK. I only researched flights from ‘London’ airports. This is the only direct flight I found. There is insufficient benefit in doing group booking to go to all that hassle. The flight costs more as time goes on.
Entry: The charges start going up after 13 May. If all the hotel fees are paid in advance, then there is a 5% reduction. After 13 May the entry fee per player becomes €100. It is €150 from 1 July.
Advance payment: The €50 Euro entry fee + 20% of the hotel bill
Payment: The easiest way to pay is for the ECF to do so by banker’s draft. Andrew Walker 01424 775222 can deal with transfer of funds from debit or credit cards (not Amex). Direct transfer to the ECF Bank Account can also be accommodated Account Number: 87572044; Sort code: 601015; Hastings Branch, NatWest. You can also send it direct yourself. The conversion from Euro to sterling has not been worked out.
Selection: 14 players have expressed interest as attached. Provided at least 12 player there should be no problem fitting everybody in.
Insurance: You must have your European Health Insurance Card. Lithuania is, of course, in the EU. You are insured through the ECF System as somebody representing the ECF. Even so, personal private travel insurance is probably also best.
Response: As soon as possible, in any case by 5 May. It is possible to do everything after 13 May, but would cause more work and incur a higher cost for you. You can see from the spreadsheet who has expressed interest.
Copy in not only, but also
ECF Grade: If you want your games ECF Graded please indicated this when replying.
Tourism: It is a pleasant town with the Old Town sights in walking distance. I was there last year and may have eaten at the Europa Royale. There are also a few tours further afield.
Strong players: I have secured some funding and it is possible we will field a strong team, but this was only confirmed very recently so that the GMs and IMs have yet to respond except for John Cox who has expressed interest.
Problem: The British Championship starts 19 July. The WSTCC finishes 21 July. Last year there was also an overlap with the European Senior TCC. But 3 players competed by playing in 5 member teams. This is only a problem with the Championship itself. The rest start 21 July.

– Stewart Reuben, Manager ECF Senior Chess