York Rapidplay 2018

The event was held on Saturday 27th January 2018 at Middlethorpe Hotel, near York. A 6-round Swiss competition was held with 20 minutes each on the clock. 2 sections were organised and the results were as follows —

Section A
1= David Adams, York and John Cooper, Hull 5/6
3= Leo Keely and David Keddie, Huddersfield, Douglas Vleeshhouwer, Beverley 4/6
6= Tom Leah, York, Peter Braham, Leeds, Jeremy Hamm, Sheffield 3.5/6
9= Martin Sheard, Barnsley, Chris Wright, Leeds, Ben Rich, York 3/6
12= Paul Barber, York, David Lord, Hull, Gary Hinchcliffe, Barnsley, Alexander Combie, Newark, Paul May, Leeds 2.5/6
17= John Clark, Sheffield, Steve Hodge, Hull 2/6
19= Paul Johnson and Barry Marshall, York 1/6

Section B
1= Robert Moneagle, York and Mike Pollard, Hull 5/6
3 Ewan Miller, York 4.5/6
4th= Peter Mason, Leeds, Simon Livings, York, David Smith, York, Giles Dunn, Hull 4/6
8= Alec Grice, Beverley, Graham Matthews, Hartlepool 3.5/6
10= Aaron Rich (aged 10) from York, Joe Varley, Hull, and David Buckley and Paul Masiak, York 3/6
14= Neville Pearce, York, Bruce Oliver, Hull, and James Dessent, York 2.5/6
17= Ashley Carr, York, Ranyl Hughes, Selby, and Howard Brears, York 2/6
20= Kevin Paxton and Mike Beavers, York 1/6

Prizes awarded to the first three, together with two junior prizes for Aaron Rich and Joe Varley. A very enjoyable day at an excellent venue. Thanks to controllers Charlie Weller and David Baren. An event held for a number of years and a good social get together …

A quick report with photos can be found here — http://www.whiterosejuniorchessacademy.org.uk/yrp_report_2018.html

— Peter Cloudsdale, Organiser

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