Yorkshire Girls Chess Day

Held on the 12th January 2019 at Archbishop Junior School, Bishopthorpe, York. The event was opened by Mrs Vera Campbell, Sheriff of York. Training was led by Lateefah Messam-Sparks, a private chess teacher from London – she showed a famous game on a display board and had sessions about tactics and combinations. The main helpers were Noel Stewart, David Mills and Bradley and Mike Triffitt.

A 4 round Swiss competition held in 2 sections, with results as follows —

Section A -18 entries

1st Eva Donegan, Leeds
2nd Nina Hitzeroth, Wakefield
3rd Joely Hill, York
Merit awards – Sophie Devereux,York; Melannie Wu, Leeds; Ellie Triffitt, York and Livia Lari, York

SectionB – 11 entries
1st Beth Ravilious York
2nd Freya Graham Leeds
3rd Camilla De Luca York

Merit awards – Isobelle Foster, York; Molly Bridel, York; Maisie Paterson, York and Claudia Jozefowsha, York

Thanks to the school for their excellent facilities and refreshments. We hope to run similar events later in the year. A Yorkshire Under 11 team will play in the EPSCA Final on 23rd March in Birmingham. A really enjoyable day!

— Peter Cloudsdale

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