Yorkshire Junior Rapidplay Tournament

… on Saturday 13th January 2018 (and in the news — http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/15827288.Chess_fan_MP_opens_junior_tournament_in_York/)

The event was organised by The White Rose Junior Chess Academy, which is a part of The Yorkshire Chess Association. The tournament was held at Wigginton Primary School just outside York, and was opened by Rachael Maskell, the Labour MP for York Central, who gave a short speech in which she told us of her interest in chess, harking back to when, as a teenager, she played for her school. She even played a short demonstration game with a few of the junior competitors, which was enjoyed and appreciated by the audience of parents and juniors who looked on.

We had an overall total of 52 juniors competing in 3 sections – 16 in the Open, 20 in the Minor, and 16 in the Novice. All sections comprised 5 rounds, run on the Swiss system. Clocks were used in the Open (15 mins. for each player) but not in the other sections.

Two chess training/coaching sessions were provided between rounds by Peter Cloudsdale and Noel Stewart. Photographs were taken by David Mills (there was also a photographer from York Press) and Phill Beckett kindly provided all the chess sets and clocks. Special thanks are due to the head teacher of Wigginton Primary School, Mr. Paul Laycock, for hosting the venue and being there on the day. Thanks also to the Wigginton PTA, who supplied the refreshments. Warm thanks also to The Chess & Bridge Shop in London for providing some of the book prizes. Finally, thanks to all who helped make this such a resounding success.

All the juniors received chess pens and chess badges, and all were given certificates at the end-of-tournament prize-giving ceremony. For me, this was the highlight of the day. All the parents and organisers clapping as the junior players came forward to accept their certificates and prizes. Smiles on every face at the end of a rewarding day of chess, played in good spirit.

— Noel Stewart

Results – Open
1st Max Parkhouse
2nd Zak Farley
3rd Aditya Krishnan
4th Ben McDonnell
5th Lucas Whitehead
6th= Quinto Reyes, Raf Owens
8th Joshini Jeyaprakash
9th= Bradley Triffitt, Philipp Schwarzenberg, Johannes Heitmann, Oliver Myers
13th= Hal Towneley, Philip Striegel; 15th Ludwig Henckel; 16th Clem Hirst
NB. Joshini Jeyaprakash was the only player to take a point off the winner!

1st Andrew Wilson
2nd Byron Lindley
3rd= Renjay Chong, Renyi Chong, Oscar Orr, Andrew Carden
7th= Luke Furlong, Amy Oxborough, Jamie Clarke
10th= Matthew Andronovici, Nicholas Carden, Patrik Krajci
12th= Joe Furlong, Jacob O’Donnell, Annabel Davenport; 16th= Holly Dukes, Neve Gallafant, Jacob Westmoreland; 19th Harvey Banks; 20th= Alicia Forde
NB. Nicholas Carden was the only player to take a point off the winner!

1st Japhet Cashdan
2nd Tom Keast
3rd Toby Clarke
4th Daniel Meredith
5th Ellie Triffitt
6th Natasha Pointon
7th= William Eyre, Adam Foster
9th= Isobelle Foster, Jose Rodriguez
11th= Harry Tomlin, Matthew Westmoreland; 13th= Peter Foster, Samuel Brett; 15th Caden Gallafant; 16th Alexander Bradley
NB. Tom Keast was the only player to take a point off the winner!
ASSISTANT Olivia Westmoreland (age 10!)

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