English Schools Finals 2024

Time and date
The tournament will be a 5-round Team Swiss System tournament. The time limit for each game will be all moves in 50 minutes, plus 10 seconds per move.

Round 1 Thursday 27th June at 1300
Round 2 Thursday 27th June at 1530
Round 3 Thursday 27th June at 1800
Round 4 Friday 28th June at 0900
Round 5 Friday 28th June at 1130
Prizegiving Friday 28th June at 1345

Nottingham University Kings Meadow Campus

26 teams qualified – 24 from the regions, plus 2 from the repechages. The tournament will be a 5-round Team Swiss System tournament, with 2 match points (MP) for a won match, 1 MP for a drawn match and 0 MP for a lost match. The tie-breaks will be:
(a) Extended Sonneborn-Berger for Teams (EMGSB)
(b) Gamepoints
(c) Sum of Opponents Matchpoints.

The time limit for each game will be all moves in 50 minutes, plus 10 seconds per move. As this is standard play all players will be expected to record their moves on the supplied score sheets.

1st Championship Trophy
2nd Richard Haddrell Trophy
Plate Plate Trophy (awarded to the highest-ranked team who lost in the first round)

The games will be played on live boards, meaning that they will be broadcast on Chess24, Chess.com/events and Lichess. The links to these can be sent to parents, your schools and others who are off-site to watch the games. These will be distributed to team captains in the week of the tournament.

Team lists and their results will be reported on Chess-results at [tbc]
Live games can be followed at any of the following locations: [tbc]

The FIDE Regulations for Captains and Heads of Delegation will apply to this event. The main thing to note is that team captains cannot be involved in draw offers; this must be left to the players to judge for themselves.

Schools who have qualified for the final
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys (Region 5)
Bolton School  (Region 4)
Brighton College (Region 23)
Bristol Grammar School (Region 12)
City of London School for Boys (Region 18)
Exeter School (Region 24)
Haberdashers Askes Boys School (Region 14)
Hampton School (Region 13)
Hereford Cathedral School (Region 8)
King Edwards School (Region 7)
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys (Repechage B)
King’s College School (Region 19)
Magdalen College School (Region 10)
North Liverpool Academy (Region 3)
Nottingham High School (Region 6)
Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Region 11)
RGS Guildford (Region 21)
RGS Newcastle (Region 1)
St Paul’s School (Repechage A)
The Grammar School at Leeds (Region 2)
The Latymer School (Region 15)
Tiffin School (Repechage B)
University College School (Region 16)
Westminster School (Region 17)
Wilson’s School (Region 20)
Woodbridge School (Region 9)