John Nunn is World Senior 65+ Champion!

The 30th World Senior Individual Chess Championship concluded in Assisi, Italy on Saturday 26th November, with GM John Nunn winning the Over 65 age group with 9/11.  Nunn had made a storming start, scoring 6.5 from 7 before uncharacteristically slipping up against Danish GM Jens Kristiansen but he then bounced back impressively, scoring 2.5 from his last 3 games and secured the title when Kristiansen lost in the final round. Nunn deservedly added to his three Problem Solving World titles by winning his first OTB World title, having faced much the strongest field, comprising 4 GMs and 5 IMs.

Other notable performances in Assisi in the Over 65s came from Terry Chapman with 7/11, Paul Hutchinson and Michael Stokes  6.5/11.

The Over 50 Championship was again won by the former 50+ World and European Champion, Georgian GM Zurab Sturua with 8.5/11 ahead of Lithuanian GM Maxim Novik on tiebreak. Keith Arkell finished top of the English contingent scoring 7.5/11 and was disappointed to have dropped too many half-points throughout the event. FM Stephen Dishman finished on 6.5/11, having faced 5 GMs but sadly only adding two points in his last 5 games, thus missing his opportunity to make his third and final IM norm. 

Scores for the remaining English players were as follows —
Over 65 – David Bray 6; Norman Hutchinson 5.5; Paul Raynes 5.5; Hassan Erdogan 4.5; Brian Hewson 4/8
Over 50 – Petra Fink-Nunn 5; Ingrid Lauterbach 5; Owen Phillips 5; Nigel White 5