Board and Officers

ECF Board

– Dominic Lawson Email
Chief Executive
– Mike Truran Email
Director of Finance
– David Eustace Email
Director of International Chess
– Malcolm Pein Email
Director of Membership
– Dave Thomas Email
Director of Home Chess
– Alex Holowczak Email
Director of Junior Chess & Education
– Traci Whitfield Email
Director of Women’s Chess
– Sarah Longson (née Hegarty) Email
Non-Executive Director
– Stephen Woodhouse Email
Non-Executive Director – Julie Denning Email
Non-Executive Chairman
– Julian Clissold Email

Officers who are members of Council

Chairman of the Council – Mike Gunn Email
Delegate FIDE – Malcolm Pein Email
Chairman of Finance Committee –
Tim Herring Email
Chairman of Governance Committee –
Robert Stern Email
Past Chief Executive Serving on Council –
Phil Ehr Email Tel: 07740 428029 Twitter: @phil4chess
Past President serving on Council – Vacancy
Trustees of the Permanent Invested Fund – Ray B Edwards; Julian Farrand; Keith B Richardson
Patrons – no current appointments
Direct Members’ Representatives
HLVPs, VPs, CVPs, Honorary Life Members, Life Members (2 posts) — Stewart Reuben Email; John Wickham Email
Platinum Members (2 posts) — Francis Bowers Email; Vacancy
Gold Members – (2 posts) — Two vacancies
Silver Members (2 posts) — Michael Farthing Email; John Reyes Email
Bronze Members (2 posts) — Angus French Email; Gareth Ellis Email

Officers Reporting to the Board, President or Chief Executive

Company Secretary – Bruce Wallace Associates Limited Email
Voting Register Officer – Michael Farthing Email
ECF Data Controller –
Gary Willson Email
ECF Office Administrator Christine Carcas Email
ECF Office Administrator Paul Buswell Email
Manager of ICT – Vacancy
Sport & Recreation Alliance Representatives – Mike Gunn, Phil Ehr Email
Office Manager & Minutes Secretary – Gary Willson (as above)
Auditor – Goatcher Chandler, 10 Overcliffe, Gravesend, Kent DA11 0EF

Home Chess Officers

Manager of the British Chess Championships –
Kevin Staveley Email
Manager of Chess in Prisons –
Carl Portman Email | Profile [PDF]
Controller of the Grand Prix – Vacancy Email
Controller, Counties Championship – Andrew Zigmond Email
Please mark emails clearly ‘Counties Championship’ – thank you
Manager of the National Club Championship – Guy Greenland Email
Chief Arbiter – Lara Barnes Email
Manager of Arbiters – Geoff Gammon Email
Manager for Disabled Chess – Lewis Martin Email
Curator of Equipment – David Welch Email

International Chess Officers

Manager of Senior Chess – Stewart Reuben Email

Finance Officers

Financial Controller – Vacancy Email
Finance and Taxation Consultant –
Chris Mattos Email

Membership Officers

International Rating Officer – Gary Willson Email
Manager of Grading –
Brian Valentine Email
Grading Website Officer – Jon Griffith Email
Grading Administrator –
Matthew Carr Email

Junior Chess and Education Officers

Manager of Coaches – Andrew Davies Email
Manager of Girls’ Chess – Vacancy
ECF Chess Academy Head – Andrew Martin Email
Manager of ECF Chess Academy – Vacancy
ECF Chess Academy Administrator – Vacancy
Manager of Junior Home Chess – Vacancy
Manager of Junior International Chess – Vacancy
Safeguarding Officer – Phillip Beckett Email
Manager of School Chess – Neill Cooper Email
National Secondary Schools Co-ordinator – Neill Cooper (as above)
Deputy National Secondary Schools Co-ordinator – Phillip Beckett Email
National Primary Schools Co-ordinator – Julian Clissold Email
Deputy National Primary Schools Co-ordinator – Vacancy
Junior Directorate Finance Manager – Christelle Hafstad Email
Junior Trip Co-ordinators 
John Higgs Email | Jay Atara Email | Michael McLaren Email | Debbie Taylor Email
Bernard Klingher Email | Simon Metcalfe Email | Glafcos Tombolis Email | Anand Verma Email
Controllers, English Youth Grand Prix – Charles & Christine Golding Email
Manager, Certificate of Excellence – Peter Turner Email

Publicity Officers

Publicity Officer – Mark Rivlin Email

Social Media Manager –
Phil Makepeace Email
Webmaster – Andrew Walker Email


International Selection Committee
Opens: Malcolm Pein (Chairman), David Openshaw, Jonathan Parker, Jonathan Speelman
Womens: Malcolm Pein (Chairman), David Openshaw, Natasha Regan, Jonathan Parker, Jonathan Speelman

International Senior Selection Committee
Stewart Reuben (Chairman), Keith Arkell, Tony Ashby, Paul Littlewood, Ken Norman

Finance Committee
Tim Herring (Chairman), Ray Clark, Ian Reynolds and ex officio, the President and, by invitation, the Auditor

Governance Committee
Robert Stern (Chairman), Michael Farthing, Mike Gunn, Andrew Leadbetter and ex officio, the President

Committee for the County Championship National Stage Draw
The Chief Arbiter, the Director of Home Chess and County Championships Controller

Personnel Committee – John Wickham (Chairman), David Anderton, Debbie Taylor, ex officio The President and the Finance Director

Awards Committee – Paul Bielby (Chairman), Julie Denning, Roger Edwards, Stan Goodall, William Metcalfe, ex officio the Membership Director

Book of the Year – Ray Edwards (Chairman), Julian Farrand, Sean Marsh

Charity and Recognition Committee – David Eustace (Chairman), David Anderton, William Watson, Melville Rodriguez, Richard Fries, John Higgs and Chris Mattos

Library Committee
George Jelliss (Chairman)

To read the Directors and Officers Responsibilities Regulations – click here

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