English Girls’ Chess Championships 2019

Play underway - pic by Carl Portman

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Over the weekend of 19th/20th October 2019 at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire. The ECF English Girls’ Chess Championships 2019 were held over the weekend of 19-20 October at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. The main Championship title was contested over two days, 5 rounds, and the games were broadcast on live boards from a very quiet room with a stunning view across the Blenheim Palace grounds. There were additional one-day Rapid Chess tournaments based on age groups. The playing room for these was the fantastic Orangery. The space, playing conditions and surroundings at the venue were outstanding, and this resulted in a much more peaceful atmosphere than at many junior tournaments. Quoting one parent (but typical of comments received), ‘the venue was definitely the most beautiful we have ever been to and the children were aware of it as they were all very calm, well-behaved and content’.
There were over 100 entries in total from all over England, but especially from Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. The tournaments also incorporated the inaugural Oxfordshire Girls Chess Championships as part of the annual Oxfordshire Girls’ Chess Festival. Courtesy of the Oxfordshire Girls’ Chess Festival, a simul was held on the Saturday evening by WFM Sarah Longson, in the Library of the main Palace building. Parents came to watch the invited children play. Among the players, three drew and one won in a field of seventeen matched against Sarah.
The winners of the various titles in the tournaments were –

Section / English Girls / Oxfordshire Girls
Champion / Imogen Dicen / Tashika Arora
Under 9 Minor / Elis Dicen / Elisabeth Houlihan
Under 11 Minor / Elis Dicen / Cecilia Kendall
Under 14 Minor / Thisumi Jayawarna / Kristin Domingo
Under 18 Minor / Thisumi Jayawarna / Sana Kassey

Bespoke trophies and signed book prizes were to be won, the latter courtesy of WGM Jennifer Shahade, GM Judit Polgar and Chess & Bridge Ltd. In the main Championship there were also invitations to play for ECF Juniors on offer. The Dicen sisters went home with a small library’s worth of signed books!

The event would not have been the success it was without the hard work of many behind the scenes beforehand and in numerous tasks at the weekend itself. I want to thank Andrew Walker (ECF) and Kathryn Gillow (Oxon Junior Chess) for going beyond the call of duty in facilitating and processing entries, the efficient and fair arbiters Jo Wildman, Priscilla Morris and Douglas Vleeshhouwer, the cheerful and hard-working volunteer Oxfordshire Junior Chess helpers, Sarah Longson, Carl Portman (photos), the Oxfordshire Girls Chess Festival committee and the staff at Blenheim Palace. Chess equipment was supplied by Kidlington Congress, the ECF and Oxfordshire Junior Chess.

— Andrew Varney

Open to any girls under 18 on 31st August 2019, and incorporating the 1st Oxfordshire Girls’ Chess Championships – part of the Oxfordshire Girls’ Chess Festival 2019
Saturday and Sunday, five round Swiss. All moves in 50 minutes plus 10 seconds increment per move
Under 9
and Under 14 sections Saturday – six round Swiss, all moves in 15 minutes plus 10 seconds increment per move
Under 11 and Under 18 sections Sunday – six round Swiss, all moves in 15 minutes plus 10 seconds increment per move
Special event – Simul with top female chess player planned for Saturday evening

The following applies to all sections — ECF Junior Silver, Gold or Platinum membership is required of all entrants to play in the event. For players who have not yet held ECF membership, one year’s free Silver membership is available via https://www.englishchess.org.uk/ecf-membership/. Previous members can renew their membership via this link as well. Entry to the main Championship requires ENG affiliation.

Contact: Andrew Varney Email: av.chess@outlook.com | Download an entry form here

For parents of entrants — the following downloadable document contains important information about what you need to bring, arrival times and procedures, links to webpages, and other details. You may also like to bring a copy with you for reference …
Parents Information – Blenheim [PDF]

PLEASE NOTE — entries for this event are now closed!

List of entries as at Fri 18 Oct 2019.

Championship 17 entries
Name Fedn Club ECF TR
Dicen, Imogen   ENG Coventry Chess Academy 152 152
Headlong, Georgia   ENG Check Inn 134 134
Arora, Tashika   ENG Oxford High 132 132
Jayawarna, Tarini   ENG Heywood 125 125
Haria-Skuse, Ashwina   ENG Bucks Youth CA 118 118
Maton, Emily   ENG St Albans 113 113
Ashraf, Zoha   ENG Wiltshire Juniors 112 112
Macdonald, Amaya   ENG Hammersmith 109 109
Parnes, Shira   ENG Witney 106 106
Ball, Katie C   ENG St Albans 103 103
Wang, Sophie   ENG Wey Valley 93 93
Cuthbert, Larissa   ENG Southbourne 89 89
Zeng, Rosa   ENG OJAYs 89 89
Barbier-Ramaiah, Riya Aude   ENG Highgate Junior School 78 78
Hidouci, Naila   ENG Wiltshire Juniors 69 69
Watson, Scarlet   ENG Kent Juniors 44 44
Macey-Dare, Teresa   ENG Headington    
Under 18 6 entries
Name Fedn Club ECF RP TR
Jayawarna, Thisumi   ENG Tameside Juniors 104 104
Topping, Rachel   ENG Bolton 88 88
Granger, Dominique   ENG Colchester 70 70
Mascarenhas, Ellie   ENG CCF 56 56
Brown-Higgins, Quba   ENG none    
Kassey, Sana   ENG Oxford High School    
Under 14 15 entries
Name Fedn Club ECF RP TR
Jayawarna, Thisumi   ENG Tameside Juniors 104 104
Hullah, Iben   ENG Somerset 98 98
Pyun, Lindsay   ENG Leicester Juniors 96 96
Correa, Rebecca   ENG Saint Joseph 88 88
Lisowski, Olivia   ENG South Hampstead 81 81
Arora, Prachi   ENG RGS Newcastle 80 80
Karjodkar, Praneeta   ENG Ashtead 68 68
Domingo, Kristin M   ENG Ojays 61 61
Mascarenhas, Ellie   ENG CCF 56 56
Cook, Grace   ENG none 48 48
Knight, Zoe B   ENG Uxbridge 28 28
Chawdhary, Zunairah   ENG Berkshire Juniors 22 22
Eshwar, Ananya   ENG Uxbridge 13 13
Siddiqui, Zainab   ENG Uxbridge 0 0
Vijakaumar, Mrinali   ENG Uxbridge    
Under 11 27 entries
Name Fedn Club ECF RP TR
Latypova, Olga L   ENG Essex Juniors 129 129
Dicen, Elis Denele   ENG Coventry Chess Academy 125 125
Pyun, Lindsay   ENG Leicester Juniors 96 96
Fear, Lavinia E   ENG Wallington 94 94
Goel, Anika   ENG Edgware Gambits 83 83
Dupree, Madeleine   ENG Upton St Leonards 81 81
Arora, Prachi   ENG RGS Newcastle 80 80
Wiggett, Sophie   ENG Upton St Leonards 80 80
Anand, Dhriti   ENG NLCS 79 79
Mehta, Sophie   ENG Leicester Juniors 79 79
Kendall, Cecilia   ENG Oxford Juniors 78 78
Parikh, Naavya   ENG Harrow 72 72
Groot Wassink, Emma   ENG Barnet Knights 70 70
Sastry, Shriya   ENG Bloxwich 70 70
Holland, Tessa   ENG Kent Juniors 68 68
Kamat, Krisha   ENG Maidstone 68 68
Granger, Charlotte   ENG Colchester 63 63
Mouskos, Mia   ENG Barnet Knights 62 62
Terrado, Rhianne   ENG St Josephs 56 56
Lakshmeesh, Tvisha   ENG Ojays 53 53
Gough, Aoife   ENG Kent Juniors 51 51
Pitcher, Emilia   ENG Godstowe 48 48
Li, Sophia   ENG Richmond Juniors 42 42
Buelau, Amanda   ENG Headington School 37 37
Mottengad, Nyo   ENG OHS 32 32
Satsangi, Jyoti   ENG Headington School 26 26
Spirling, Florence   ENG Purbeck    
Under 9 39 entries
Name Fedn Club ECF RP TR
Dicen, Elis Denele   ENG Coventry Chess Academy 125 125
Chen, Olivia   ENG Shirley Heath 79 79
White, Jessica   ENG Moonrakers 74 74
Mouskos, Mia   ENG Barnet Knights 62 62
Norris, Melanie   ENG Bradley School of CHess 60 60
Yang, Rachel   ENG Bute House 56 56
Tomy, Judith   ENG Watford 55 55
Hughes, Alexandra   ENG none 54 54
Houlihan, Elisabeth   ENG Oxford Juniors 53 53
Chugh, Amaira   ENG RIchmond Juniors 52 52
Patel, Amya Hetal   ENG Edgware Gambits 52 52
Mayouran, Chinmyee   ENG Lady Eleanor Holles 49 49
Li, Sophia   ENG Richmond Juniors 42 42
Ramesh, Eshitha   ENG Abbey School 40 40
Webster, Elizabeth   ENG Hallfield 33 33
Allen, Grace   ENG Kent Junior Congresses 27 27
Ou, Siyuan   ENG BCS 20 20
Wang, Scarlett   ENG Oxford High 14 14
Pal, Rhea   ENG Coventry Chess Academy 13 13
Chappell, Eleni   ENG Oxford Juniors 9 9
Ou, Siyao   ENG BCS 9 9
Manouvel, Maelys   ENG Bristol 5 5
Trifunovic, Maja   ENG Kent Junior Congresses 5 5
Agrawal, Naisha   ENG Berkshire Juniors 4 4
Chen, Linzi   ENG Oxford High 2 2
Palmer, Abigail   ENG Emmanuel Christian School 1 1
Backhouse, Jemima   ENG St Josephs 0 0
Patel, Diah Dipal   ENG Hallfield School 0 0
Schoeman, Amelia   ENG Wallace Chess 0 0
Wood, Rebecca   ENG Emmanuel Christian School 0 0
Ascencio, Elena   ENG St Josephs    
Barr, Sophie   ENG Chinnor    
Flossmann, Sayako   ENG Headington School    
Hettiarachchi, Amelia   ENG Manor Prep    
Ji, Sapphire   ENG Yanling    
Martinovic, Emma   ENG Oxford Juniors    
Reck, Georgina   ENG Bicester Juniors    
Sarangmat, Siri   ENG Headington    
Yerabati, Samiksha   ENG YJCA    

Total entries 104.