Junior Selection Policy

Junior Selection Policy 2021


The ECF maintains a selection policy for England juniors to international events played over-the-board, with a mix of team and individual events.

This typically involved meeting rating thresholds or winning tournaments, but this approach is no longer viable for 2021 for a number of reasons:

  • There has been no over-the-board FIDE-rated activity, and extremely little ECF-rated activity in a few clubs for a few days, since March 2020
  • The relevant qualifying tournaments have not taken place
  • The International events are taking place online, and their format, date and nature is not clear to us until the regulations are published

The consequence of this is that particularly for the youngest age groups, e.g. Under 7 and Under 8, it is difficult for us to work out who our best players are due to the lack of tournament chess for those people since March 2020; the rating list at that time may not be the same as their ability now.

Selection Policy for Individual Events with no entry limit

Example tournaments:

  • The over-the-board invididual events organised by the ECU in 2019; e.g. the European Schools Championship, World Cadets Rapid & Blitz Championship

Selection will be divided into three categories:

  • The ECF Junior Selection Panel will select up to one player per category. This player will be the “invited player”, if the concept exists in the regulations; status which historically afforded financial benefits, such as discounts on accommodation at the tournament. This category will be the official England team.
  • Any current paid up member of the ECF Academy or Accelerator programme. These players will be required to pay for their entry at cost, with administration for the trip being carried out by the Academy and Accelerator respectively. This category will be the official Academy or official Accelerator team.
  • Any other player who wishes to play. These players will be required to pay for their entry at cost, with an administration charge payable to the ECF of £100 per player.

Selection Policy for Individual Events with an entry limit, or Team Events of fixed size

Example tournaments:

  • 2020 European Youth Online Championship
  • 2020 World Cadets & Youth Online Championship
  • 2019 European Youth Team Championship (i.e. over the board)

All players will be selected by the ECF Junior Selection Panel.

Conditions of Entry

Any player who represents England on an international trip must:

  • Be a current member of the English Chess Federation
  • Submit the tournament entry via the English Chess Federation, and not approach the tournament organiser to enter directly
  • Make arrangements for the trip via any third party co-ordinators put in place by the English Chess Federation, and paying the administration charge agreed between the ECF and the third party, which shall apply to all selected players for all trips without exception.

Note on Costs

Please note that while the ECF or any third party will levy its charges in GBP, it is normal to pay tournament fees to the organisers in either EUR or USD depending on where the event is being played. The ECF and any third party will agree an appropriate exchange rate.

ECF Junior Selection Panel

The Director of Junior Chess & Education reserves the right to amend the composition of this panel from time-to-time. At the time of writing, the Panel is composed of a knowledgeable and experienced group of GMs, IMs and chess organisers.  

— ECF Director of Junior Chess & Education, 9th November, 2020