The calendar is now sortable by category and by tag, both at the top of the calendar. You can use the button at the foot of the calendar to add this calendar to your own (Google, Apple, Timely etc). The print button at the top will print the page you’re on. Clicking on the main calendar bar (top left) allows you to choose a date to jump to. PLEASE NOTE – where an event is marked as ‘ALL DAY’ it may be best to check with the organisers in case they have not submitted a start and/or end time to us.

To submit your event to the ECF calendar and for FIDE registration if it is FIDE-rated –
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If you need to amend your calendar entry there’s no need to fill it all in again, just email your changes to
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‘Disability Friendly’ and ‘Partly Disability Friendly’ have been added to the categories that you can filter the calendar by. However in all cases, but especially where neither category is evident, PLEASE contact the organisers for more details …

The ECF is working on an accessible version of the calendar, which can be found here – ecf-accessible-calendar
Please note this is a work in progress, and feedback is welcome to

Official FIDE events … … and worldwide chess events from the FIDE website –

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