DGT Clocks – EoI form now closed

** This form has now been closed due to the overwhelming level of requests **

The English Chess Federation is inviting expressions of interest from clubs and organisers interested in purchasing chess clocks at discounted rates (indicative prices – DGT 2010 clocks: £22.00; DGT 2500 clocks: £25.00).

Minimum number five clocks, maximum number twenty-five clocks for any one expression of interest subject to availability. PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS A STRICT CONDITION THAT CLOCKS WILL ONLY BE OFFERED TO ECF MEMBER ORGANISATIONS (E.G. ASSOCIATIONS, LEAGUES, CONGRESSES) OR LEAGUE CLUBS, AND MAY NOT BE RESOLD. 

You can find more information about the 2010 and 2500 clocks here:
https://digitalgametechnology.com/products/chess-clocks/dgt2010-official-fide-chess-clock and here: