New ECF Registered Coaches Scheme

Welcome to the new ECF Registered Coaches scheme. There are two main objectives —

  • We wish to provide an opportunity for all coaches to advertise themselves
  • We want to provide reliable information to those seeking coaching.

In order to apply for inclusion in the scheme you must be a member of the ECF at Bronze level or above.
In addition, you must fulfil one of two basic eligibility criteria –

  1. Your current residential address is within the jurisdiction of the English Chess Federation; or
  2. You own a British passport and are registered with FIDE as ENG

There are four levels, based on experience and qualifications. At the beginning of an application, a prospective coach must indicate who they intend to coach.

  • Children only
  • Adults only
  • Children and adults
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Training groups including children
  • Groups of adults
  • Online
  • Online only
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • SEN only

Coaches are invited to submit details of their experience, qualifications and experience using the online application form, with supporting documents uploaded where relevant. Coaches will be allocated to one of four levels depending on how they meet the relevant requirements.

Level One requirements

  • Scheme eligibility criteria including ECF membership at Bronze level or above
  • Confirmation of eligibility and safeguarding qualifications where coaching is being offered for children or vulnerable adults
  • Proof of coaching experience and description of such; coaching title (if any)
  • Coaching courses attended (if any)
  • Two references, which refer to the above
  • Grade and chess title (if any)

Level Two requirements

  • All of the above, plus proof of 2 years activity as a trainer regionally
  • The applicant might be an accomplished school or junior county team coach
  • Some experience of both 1/1 and group coaching

Level Three requirements

  • All of the above, plus a proven track record of a significant contribution to coaching chess in schools and/or more widely at national level
  • Holder of FIDE Title WFM, School Instructor, Developmental Instructor, National Instructor (not obligatory, but preferred)
  • Proof of at least 5 years activity as a trainer

Level Four requirements

  • All of the above
  • Proof of at least 10 years activity as a trainer
    Plus any two of —
  • Has a proven track record of coaching national junior champions, at school team level or among individuals
  • Has a proven track record of developing chess among young people
  • Has coached either at the ECF Academy or as an international coach on foreign trips
  • Holder of FIDE Trainer or FIDE Senior Trainer coaching title
  • Holder of FM, IM, WIM, GM or WGM title
  • Has an extensive body of written or video/DVD/social media work which has contributed to the development of chess.

Registering for the scheme

If you are a coach, whether professional or amateur, we encourage you to join the scheme so that your details can be published on the ECF registered coaches list. To join the scheme you should complete the application form [link below] with details of your preferences for coaching and your experience.

Before you apply, please note the following —

Only a completed form with suitable scans attached will be able to be processed. We cannot accept part-applications for security reasons. If your application seems to be taking a long time, please review your original submission and check whether you included —

1) scan of Enhanced DBS certificate
2) ID scan (passport/driving license)
3) proof of address scan (bank statement, utility bill from last three months)

Once we receive a completed form we will process your application and be in touch with any questions and/or details of your proposed allocation to one of the four levels. Your details will then be added to the registered coaches webpage.

If any problems arise about an application, or issues with the level allocated to a coach, an independent, neutral panel appointed by the ECF has been set up to review any appeals that there may be. A fee of £50 should accompany each appeal, fully refundable in the event that it is upheld.

I am very pleased you have chosen to become an ECF Registered Coach. Please now proceed to the application form.

— Andrew Martin Manager of Coaches


Any enquiries about the scheme or the progress of your application should be sent by email to Andrew Martin at Any supporting documents should only be sent via the official scheme application form.