Rating games played abroad

The ECF will rate results from FIDE over the board (OTB) rated events played outside of England, which would not otherwise be submitted for ECF rating.

Rating will be subject to the following rules:

  1. Rating of games played abroad is only offered to ECF Lifetime, Gold and Platinum members, as a benefit of their membership category.
  2. Only FIDE rated OTB standard or rapidplay events played outside the ECF’s jurisdiction will be ECF rated using this service. Blitz and online games are not eligible for ECF rating.
  3. Games which would be excluded from rating in England, for whatever reason, will also be excluded from rating using this service.
  4. Players must notify the GPA Administrator via the online form here before the event commences, giving at least one week’s notice. If less than one week’s notice is given, then the service may still be provided, but only if any necessary administration can be completed on time.
  5. A dedicated email address – gpa@englishchess.org.uk – will be used to support this service.
  6. The GPA Administrator will collect the results from the FIDE website of players accepted and submit them for ECF rating.
  7. FIDE ratings will be converted to ECF ratings for this purpose based on the formula ECF = (FIDE-700)/0.6 for ratings up tp 1750, parity above that as set out here – https://www.englishchess.org.uk/recommended-conversion-of-ecf-to-fide-ratings/