FIDE Laws of Chess (January 2023)
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English Title Norms

If you are a member of the ECF and require a FIDE ID to take part in events, please request one from the International Rating Officer by completing this form. Your ID will be issued during ECF office hours which are 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday.

English players who have achieved Title Norms from events should check they have been registered with FIDE. Any anomalies should be reported the ECF International Rating Officer. When a player believes they have achieved the qualification for a title, they should contact the International Rating Officer. English players reaching the FIDE rating requirement for CM/WCM/FM/WFM should notify the International Rating Officer. The IRO’s email is

FIDE title, transfer and re-activation fees

GM: £300; WGM: £182; IM: £150; WIM: £91 [these may be payable by the ECF – please contact the ECF office]

FM: £64; WFM: £46; CM: £46; WCM: £28

Arbiters and International Organiser: [all currently payable by the ECF – please contact the ECF office]

FIDE Instructor: £91
FIDE Trainer: £182
FIDE Senior Trainer: £273
National Instructor: £46
Developmental Instructor: £46

Federation transfers to ENG: £46 plus FIDE transfer fee plus FIDE compensation fee if applicable (which are charged in € and will be recharged at the prevailing exchange rate)

Re-activating FIDE rating after de-activation: £23

Current charges for FIDE-rated standardplay events are …

All-Play-All events

Average under 2230 – £1 per player (waived for ECF Gold and Platinum members)
Average 2230 – 2379 – £5 per player
Average 2380 – 2599 – £10 per player
Average 2600 – 2699 – £14 per player
Average over 2700 – £19 per player

Scheveningen and other formats – as per All-Play-All events above
Swiss/Team events£1 per player (waived for ECF Gold and Platinum members)

All charges correct at April 2021, based on an exchange rate of 1.1 Euros to £1. Should the exchange rate change significantly, the ECF will review these fees. Please note that the ECF is unable to accept results for grading from individual players. Results should be sent from the League or Congress Organiser

Registering events with FIDE (and the ECF) – click here

Obtaining a FIDE Identification Number (FIN)

The English Chess Federation is responsible for allocating FIDE Identification numbers (FINs) to English chess players. A FIN is required for FIDE-rated tournaments, and we can only register players who are English. Scottish, Welsh and other nationalities must contact their own chess federation and must do so before playing in English-based tournaments. Failure to do so could, in the future, involve them in the need to transfer to their correct federation, and this may involve a fee. We will only issue a FIN when it is required.

English players playing in English tournaments
Allocation can either be obtained automatically – when the results of a tournament are processed – or by completing this form

English players playing outside of England or resident outside of England
English chess players playing in a FIDE-rated tournament outside of England who do not have a FIN must obtain their FIN from the International Rating Officer before the tournament takes place. If the player is resident outside of England, the person making the request must be able to satisfy the Federation that they are eligible to be registered as English under the FIDE regulations by being either a citizen, naturalized or a resident. We expect these players applying for a FIN to be members of the ECF and at least at Bronze level. Details on how to apply for ECF membership are here –

FIDE National Arbiter/FIDE Trainer/ FIDE Organiser
A FIN is required by anyone who wishes to be registered as a FIDE National Arbiter, FIDE Trainer or FIDE Organiser.

Future change of federation
When you first obtain a FIN, it is important to register with your own Federation. If you wish to change your federation in the future, FIDE will make a charge.

Further information

If you wish to obtain further information, please email the International Rating Officer at