ECF Sponsors

Chess is a game with no barriers, open to all regardless of age, sex, physical ability and social class. Chess is truly a ‘sport for all’. A wide variety of sponsorship and support packages are available for anyone wishing to invest wisely in the Royal Game. There are many opportunities to get involved with chess and enjoy the satisfying benefits of support, whatever your objectives …

Sponsors List

Caplin Systems


Chess & Bridge

J. C. Flowers


Hull City Council

Hull Culture & Leisure

Winchester College

St Catherine’s Bramley

The Chess Trust

The John Robinson Youth Chess Trust
The Friends of Chess      

What are the advantages for any potential sponsors? Sponsorship or support packages can provide any or all of the following –

  • Increased awareness
  • Enhanced brand or corporate image
  • Integration with the community
  • Promotion of a product or profile
  • Showcasing of product / aid launches
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Encouragement of brand shifting

.. and much more

Support and sponsorship packages work in many different ways and at various levels and a package can be formulated to suit your needs. Chess can offer a real differentiating and unique opportunity to communicate your profile to an intelligent and discerning audience.

Positive Sponsorship opportunities with Chess
Chess sponsorship is the perfect opportunity to invest positively and wisely. Many previous sponsors have enjoyed widespread publicity as a result of their involvement and have experienced the popular benefits of their association with chess. A surprising statistic (perhaps) is that chess is second only to football in the global rankings! FIDE, the World Chess Federation is only outnumbered by FIFA for the number of constituent member federations. Chess has more competing nations than any other sport, excepting football.

Chess is universal
Chess is played globally by millions; race, creed, disability, status are all no barrier. Chess is truly a universal game, the oldest game in the world, rich in heritage, in diversity and magnitude. Chess is the fastest growing sport in the world.

Chess is international
The game enjoys immense popularity and exposure all over the world and now particularly in India (Vishwanathan Anand was recently voted Sports Person of the Year in 2003) and the world’s fastest growing economy, China. Chess is also massively popular in Eastern Europe and in Africa. Over half of the world’s chess federations enjoy full sport status in their respective countries and the Chess Olympiads enjoy participation of more competing countries than in any other activity outside of football.

Chess is educational
Chess is one of the most powerful educational tools available to develop and strengthen thinking and cognitive processes. Schools are increasingly embracing chess as a sport that complements education. (Over 66,000 youngsters took part in the British Land UK Challenge last year)

Chess as publicity
Chess is at the forefront of the public consciousness and chess imagery is widely used throughout the advertising and marketing industry. The subject is widely popular and this was proven by the recent Chess as Sport debate which generated tens of thousands of pounds worth of publicity in the national press, widely covered in the Independent, Times and Telegraph and also achieved regional television and radio coverage. All the major quality newspapers run chess columns within their pages.

Chess on the web
Chess has emerged in its element as a real force in the 21st Century. Modern technology has ensured the emergence of a whole new generation of enthusiastic players of all ages and both sexes. For example the 2004 British Championships web site had about 1 million hits from circa 100,000 individuals.

In summary, chess is a truly modern, intelligent, communicative pursuit from which many sponsors have derived tremendous, proven and positive benefits. By supporting chess, a backer can enjoy tremendous benefits for relative minimal outlay including national press and global website exposure ensuring value for money of an enviable status.

Get in touch with the English Chess Federation now to discuss your support or sponsorship requirements. In the first instance, contact the ECF office –