Master Points System

The Master Points system is simple – it’s based on the ECF grading system. Only ECF members may apply for the titles of the Master Points system. The fee is £10, which, providing you are a current ECF member, includes placing your name on the ECF online Roll of Honour (below) and producing your certificate.

Here are the 6 categories of award –
Chess Maestro – a player must achieve a grade of at least 95 on any ECF official grading list.
Team Master – a player must achieve a grade of at least 120 on any ECF official grading list.
Club Master – a player must achieve a standard play A or B grade of at least 145 on an ECF official grading list.
County Master – a player must achieve a standard play A grade of at least 170 on an ECF official grading list.
Regional Master – a player must achieve a standard play A grade of at least 185 in two successive seasons on ECF official grading lists (note – grades must be 12 months apart e.g. July 2018, July 2019)
National Master – a player must achieve a standard play A grade of at least 200 in two successive seasons on ECF official grading lists (note – grades must be 12 months apart e.g. July 2018, July 2019)

Grading lists from previous years may be used, providing evidence is provided to allow a claim to be checked. Please send your payment with the completed form to – ECF Master Points, ECF Office, The Watch Oak, Chain Lane, Battle, East Sussex TN33 0YD or

Apply online

If you’d prefer to post your application –  click here

All holders of the new National Master title get one year’s free membership to (worth £20). They just need to sign up for a guest membership and email their nickname and email address for an upgrade to full membership. Any titleholder at any level is invited to any tournament in the Golders Green Rapidplay series for the reduced price of £20.00 (usually £25.00). Please register in advance to avoid disappointment. The website is and all you have to do is quote your title on the entry form

Holders of Master Points titles

National Master
Paul R Bielby [4th December 2013]; Christopher Briscoe [6th September 2010]; Thomas Carroll [25th July 2020]; Jeremy Davies [18th June 2018]; Thomas Eggleston [31st October 2018]; Peter C Gibbs [8th October 2010]; Michael Harris [1st June 2020]; Cengiz Hasman [14th September 2020]; Mark Josse [20th February 2020]; Peter Lalic [31st January 2013]; Daniel Lindner [1st August 2013]; Dominic Mackle [25th January 2013]; Paul Madden [29th November 2018]; Robert Charles Noyce [17th May 2010]; Edmund Player [12th September 2019]; John E Reid [16th May 2014]; Mark Rich [31st July 2013]; Simon Roe [5th October 2020]; Anthony Stebbings; Paul Timson [29th March 2010]; Ieuan Ward [25th June 2020]; Peter A Williams [22nd March 2012]

Regional Master
Peter Ackley; Bertrand Barlow; Andrew Baruch; Kevin J Bailey; Andrew J Bigg; Nigel W Blades; Graham Bolt [9th February 2017]; Christopher Briscoe; Trevor Brotherton [14th November 2013]; Steve Connor; Mike Donnelly; Mark Ellis [14th September 2012]; Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell; Anthony R Fulton; Tryfon Gavriel; John Gorman; Mark S Gray [15th August 2013]; Costas Harris; Jamie Hopkins; Chris Howell; Kevin Hurst; Roman Ismailov [1st March 2017]; Akash Jain; Naveen Jain (India); Chris Jones; Christopher J A Jones; Aiden M Leech; James J McDonnell; Stephen J Meek [15th August 2016]; Jonathan Mutton; Koichi B Nicholas; Kenneth Norman; Tim Paulden [24th July 2014]; Owen Phillips [22nd July 2010]; Dr Adrian Pickersgill; Branko Pribanich; Thomas Rendle; Chris B Rice [5th February 2014]; Mark C Rich; Heather Richards; Richard Savory [18th May 2011]; Timothy Seymour; James Stevenson [11th July 2019]; Philip Stimpson; David O Vaughan; Rajko Vujatovic; Martin G Walker; Winston Williams [18th August 2011]; John F Wheeler; Ernest M White; Robert F Willmoth [15th August 2013]

County Master
Farshad Ai [30th May 2013]; Christopher Archer-Lock; Paul A Batchelor [2nd August 2018]; Rhys Bennett [10th September 2015]; Nick Bond [8th August 2012]; Steven John Burke [23rd February 2012]; Stephen Cairns [14th September 2012]; Eoin S Campbell; Gordon Chapman [14th May 2014]; William G Clark [27th July 2016]; Michael John Coffey [25th April 2012]; Patrick CM Duncan [31st July 2013]; Ian Duvall; Alex J Edmans; Sam Essen; David J Faulkner; Michael Fletcher [28th July 2011]; Nicholas Fordham [4th December 2013]; Karl Forman; David Fryer [10th February 2015]; David J Hamblin; Matthew Harborne [18th December 2013]; Dean Hartley; Tim Hebbes; Brian WR Hewson [4th March 2015]; Jamie Hillman; Ian Hunnable; Radha Jain [8th August 2011]; Angus S James; Richard M Jones; Stephen M Jones; Antonio Moneva-Jordan [9th August 2010]; Robert Kane [27th March 2019]; Robert A Lanzer; J Ezra Lutton; Stephen J Meek [8th October 2015]; Kevin Millward; Steve Moore; James R Nicolson; Paul W O’Brien; Dennis Paul Owen [11th November 2015]; Neil Owen [24th April 2020]; Anna Partington; David A Patrick; Carl S Portman; Mark I Roberts; Julien Shepley; Jinwoo Song; Gordon Stables; Daniel Staples [10th August 2010]; Neville H Twitchell; Kajetan Wandowicz [26th November 2014]; Dr Steve M Williams; Winston Williams [13th August 2010]

Club Master
J Garth Andrews; Jo Badger; Paul Badger; Dale J Bailey; Lyall C P Bayliss; Andy Bellingham [19th February 2020]; William D Bennet; Niamh Bridgeman [5th February 2020]; Nigel Bye; David Campbell; Stephen J E Casement; Kumardip Chakraborty (India); James Chappell; Stephen J Chick; Barry Childs; Malcolm C Clarke; Peter Dallas; Dennis Dartnell [25th March 2013]; Paul Davies; Connagh-Joseph de Mooi; Daniel Diamond; Trevor A Dickerson; Anthony M Eskinazi; Vojtech Leopold James Matthew Fiser [6th June 2012]; Douglas Forbes; Raymond Gosden; Christopher Hansell; Ralph M Hewes; Douglas Hogan [15th August 2013]; Raymond K Hunt; Christopher M Jones; Gawain C B Jones; Nigel P Kerby; Roy Lawrence [29th March 2010]; Graham Lee; Fraser A Lees [15th August 2013]; Cosmos Lim; Alireza M Manuchehri [30th July 2010]; Dan Marcos [28th January 2015]; William McLaughlin; Stephen J Meek [11th December 2013]; Steve Mills; Robert Mitchell; Gillian A Moore [8th August 2011]; Peter Morrey; Michael Moura [3rd August 2016]; Charles Newman; Dinah Norman; Brendan O’Gorman [1st February 2011]; John A Oliver [21st January 2011]; James Peet; Tom Peet; Liviu Nestor Podgornei [24th August 2015]; Mark C Pooley; Robert P Radford; William Ramsden; Christopher Rawlinson; Paul Richards; Alan Riddoch; James Malcolm Robinson [11th July 2012]; Henry Sharples; Kevin Shaw [4th September 2012]; Charlton Siddo [30th July 2020]; Peter K Smith [31st January 2013]; Stephen Tarr [13th May 2015]; Gregory Tebble; Liam D Varnam; Mark Wadsworth [28th August 2013]; Adrian Walker [29th July 2011]; Peter A Williams; David Willsher [14th August 2019]; Kevin Winter [11th March 2011]; Paul Welford; Ashley David Wright [6th November 2014]

Team Master
Niall Ali [31st January 2013]; Ronald Adams [3rd November 2011]; Hassan Atteeque [15th August 2013]; Megel Barker [22nd December 2011]; Devdoot Barman [8th August 2012]; Dhruva Bhagwat [19th September 2014]; Niamh Bridgeman [9th February 2017]; Larissa Cuthbert [26th July 2020]; Tim Cutter [17th January 2019]; Patrick Damodaran [25th October 2019]; Barry Edgar [21st January 2014]; Roy Egginton [1st September 2017]; Alan Evans; Robert Michael Friday [20th August 2010]; Peter Harrington [15th August 2011]; Joshua John [2nd February 2017]; Alexandros Kalyviotis [29th October 2019]; Jiping Li [26th Ocober 2020]; James A McDonald [28th January 2015]; Michael Moura [1st July 2015]; Steven Odongo Opio [15th August 2013]; Rob A Oughton [16th September 2019]; Tristan Pearce [16th March 2011]; Ben Radford [2nd October 2014]; Shreyas Royal [1st February 2017]; Shahjahon Saidmurodov [12th May 2016]; Peter Shaw Banks [12th September 2019]; Charlton Siddo [13th November 2017]; Paul Spencer [8th August 2012]; Naomi Wei [20th December 2011]; Richard White [3rd October 2011]; Mason J Woodhams [31st January 2013]

Chess Maestro
John Robert Appleby [25th August 2016]; James Bedford [12 August 2014]; Niamh Bridgeman [3rd February 2016]; Martin Karl Cockerill; James Coward [24th January 2019]; Martin Curry [28th August 2018]; Larissa Cuthbert [30th January 2019]; Patrick Damodaran [25th October 2019]; Jennifer Goldsmith [30th January 2012]; Abeer Gogia [26th February 2020]; Amy Marie Greenhough; Adam-Rafael Holmes [12th February 2020]; Stefania Iosub [1st February 2018]; Alex Lushpa [30th January 2019]; Christopher Pegg [4th May 2016]; Freddie Phillips [1st September 2020]; Kyle Reed; Shreyas Royal [3rd February 2016]; Shahjahon Saidmurudov [29th July 2015]; Umar Syed [13th November 2017]; Charles W Wood; Paul Vanlint [15th August 2013]; Colin Vernon [21st August 2014]